Halo: Reach Tutorials How To Shoot Faster

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Halo: Reach is the latest installment of the popular game for Xbox 360. It is a first-person shooting game that can be played using the Xbox Live feature. This enables the players to compete with other Xbox players through a live network. If you are already playing this game, you should read this article because I will be covering a very useful tip that will surely improve the way your play Halo: Reach.

Do you want to learn how you can shoot your gun at least a second faster after throwing a grenade? I have tested this tip myself and it works perfectly fine. However, you need to be very precise and fast in order to perform this trick. You need to use sprint in order to effectively use this tip, and if you are not used to using this skills, then I would suggest that you practice yourself with this.

In order to shoot a lot faster after throwing a grenade, you need to immediately press sprint, sprint, shoot as fast as you can. Grenades are very powerful tools that can help you win a game, but once you throw a grenade, you need to wait a second or two before you can use your gun, and fraction of a second is very important in this game and could determine the winning and losing team.

If you are using a snipe, you can also speed your firing rate by pressing these quickly; grenade, sprint, sprint, zoom, shoot. This will allow you to zoom a lot faster after you throw the grenade. However, you need to keep practicing this combo because it takes a lot of timing and skills in order to perfectly execute this combo.

When you are using a melee weapon and wanted to switch to shooting guns faster, all you have to do is to press melee, sprint, sprint, shoot. This combo will cancel the animation of switching from melee and would allow you to shot a second faster than other players would.

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