Halloween Masks Make The Costume

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The first of October comes around each year and marks the begin of the countdown to needing Halloween Masks. Those interested in the quest, the challenge of making their own unique Halloween mask, start planning well before the actually making of the mask. Though out the year the design may go through several variations to reach a decision.

Masks can be easy to create, or as difficult as you like, but they will all need two eyes, or places for a human's two eyes to see, a way to breathe, and an opening for the mouth. Second the easiest way to hold the mask in place is with a safety string connecting one side of the mask to the other side of the mask. Make sure it is both securely attached, but can be quickly removed if there is a problem.

There are funny masks that depict specific people, like political figures, and there are other types of funny Halloween masks. These type of mask could be something like a funny clown, to a rabbit or a prince or princess. Being on the lighter side these tend to be usefully for kids of all ages, but are mainly seen in use with younger children. Parents tend to choose the Halloween mask that will be worn by kids, which tend to be towards cute and defiantly not scary.

In the second general group these masks are likely to be the opposite of the first group. That is they will run with the tradition of Halloween, being scary, gruesome, and just down right frightful. Halloween masks that depict scary characters from horror movies are classic. Each of these are designed to elicit fight from those who see the mask being worn by the person. Another option would be mask with the words IRS as part of the design, with the saying "The tax man cometh".

Safety is perhaps the single most important thing when it comes to Halloween night. Having fun with the masks is important, for many this is the whole reason of these mask. That is to say mostly to scare others with them, some to make them laugh and either choice is fine. Accompaniment of a neon light stick with the costumes and Halloween masks is a great idea for the kids' safety.


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