Halal meat is meant to provide unmatched taste

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As per stringent Muslim dietary compulsions, Muslims are permitted to consume only certain types of foods that are precisely known as ‘halal’ or lawful. ‘Haraam’ or unlawful food is not permitted to any Muslim unless under extreme conditions. Prophet Muhammad and the Quran have defined guidelines for Muslims on what to eat and what not to eat.

In the last several years, the sale of halal meat in UK has seen an unexpected growth. This is because of the amazing taste offered by Halal butchers. In general, there is not very much difference between the halal meat and the normal meat. The major difference lies is the set of rules applied while preparing halal meat.

The Halal word is emerged from Arabic and means ‘lawful’ or ‘legal’. A large number of times you heard about dietary restrictions defined by Islamic law. So, Halal meat is allowed to be eaten by Muslims. The foods that are not permitted under Islamic law are pork or pork products, blood, animals that were already dead before being slaughtered, carcass of dead animals, and all meat over which Allah’s name was not taken before the slaughtering even birds of prey.

One major thing to note is that there are detailed guidelines on how to slaughter the animals and the law dealing with this is known as Dhabihah. According to this Muslim law, animals must be slaughtered with a rapid and deep section on the neck, thus cutting the jugular veins and carotid arteries of both sides. In this form of slaughter, there will be lesser blood shed before the actual death of the animal. Other ways such as electrocuting the animal is not allowed under this law.

The Islamic guidelines are not just only restricted to consumption of food but also for the treatment, cooking and putting away food. Moreover, proper focus in required to inner temperatures so that all food, and particularly halal meat is safe and hygienic. The halal meat suppliers in UK ensure that the halal meat process must be devoid of any food additives considered impure and banned for human use. It involves any kinds of food supplements that may possibly contain body parts or enzymes and extracts from other animals.

There are ‘n’ numbers of halal meat suppliers in UK that process Halal meat as per the directions defined under Quran. One can even buy halal meat and other related products online.

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