Haircuts to Disguise Baldness: Why are they Impractical?

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Haircuts to disguise baldness are designed to hide patches of hair loss. Generally, only professional stylists have the ability to conceal the balding area. These haircuts are very tricky and they are a skill not all hairstylists can do. One wrong cut on the hair can mess up the cut line and expose the patches of the baldness. With the risk of making the baldness worsen, it is wise to properly treat hair loss with medication and drugs.

Apparently, hairstyles for disguising baldness have limitation as a hair loss solution. Typically, hairstyles are used to conceal the symptoms of baldness if not all the hair has fallen out. This means that it is not effective if there are already too many patches on the head or the affected area is already too wide. However, there are cases synthetic hair is used to add on to the existing ones. It can add more effect on the hair and enhance its appearance.

Today, there are already topical solutions for baldness. These solutions are usually available in any pharmaceutical drugstore. It is applied directly on the affected area to hinder the process of hair loss and stimulate hair growth. It is recommended that the solution should be applied regularly, otherwise it will become ineffective. One good example of topical medication is Minoxidil. This drug typically contains 2% solution. It is one of the two FDA approved hair loss medications.

Minoxidil improves hair growth while hindering extreme hair loss. It was discovered after patients with high blood pressure were administered with Minoxidil. This is an over the counter drug that is available in any pharmaceutical store or online.

There are also herbal solutions for hair loss. Mostly, they contain vitamin E, magnesium, iron and zinc. If a medical professional found out that a person has deficiency in any of these substances, the patient is advised to take herbal supplements that contain the right amount of essential nutrients.

Hair transplant is the best option if the patient wants instant results. Typically, hair transplantation involves the removal of hair on the other parts of the scalp. It will then be planted into the hair scalp through surgery. Since it is a surgical procedure, the effected area involved takes time to heal. In addition, they are quite expensive.

Alternatively, wigs are used when other hair loss solutions have failed. Though haircuts to disguise baldness are a good option, it is still much wiser to treat the baldness to permanently remove the symptoms.

Hair loss can affect both men and women, it is not something that people tend to ignore. If you are frustrated and are looking for a natural solution for hair loss then visit my site today.
By Tara Mathews

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