Hair transplant surgery has come a long way in this day in age

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Hair transplant surgery has come a long way in this day in age. Follicular unit transplant through strip technique is considered the golden standard for hair restoration in both men and women suffering from male or female pattern baldness and it continues to be practiced and used on thousands of patients around the world. The only remaining con to this procedure is the linear scar that remains in the donor area. Although patients understand the benefits of hair restoration, they sometimes seem to be taken back because of the remaining scar. But for those, especially men, who go through with their transplant ask if there is another way to avoid having such a visible scar or not have a scar at all? Some also ask of the chances of the scar widening and becoming more visible?

Follicular unit transplant is the most cost effective procedure in today's medical field. New techniques have been practiced and implemented in most hair transplant clinics including the use of trichophytic closure technique. This technique is designed to allow hair follicles to penetrate through the donor scar and further lessen its visibility. Another involves the use of BOTOX around the donor scar to prevent additional stretching by relaxing the neck muscles.

Most male patients like to keep their hair at a shorter length. The length of hair is obviously up to the patient's best disclosure. In some cases, any hair length under 1/4" or #2 buzz clip may make the scar more apparent. A hair stylist can also give you better suggestions on hair length and combing techniques depending on the width of the scar and density of hair.

The last option available is the use of follicular unit extraction or FUE. This procedure is done by selectively extracting hair follicle units and refining them for placement in the balding area. It is a more time consuming procedure and not all facilities will practice this technique but the benefit is there is no linear scar left behind. This technique can also be used to fill in original donor scars or areas where use to grow. These findings are based on a study conducted on neurological patients who received hair transplants to refill their neurological scars.
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