Hair Straighteners - what should you know

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Simply enjoying and focusing the fact that hair straighteners can straighten your unwanted curls or waves, you may face grave hair problems in the end. So, it is essential that you know the downside of hair straighteners as well. You should also know how to prevent hair damage while using hair straightener on your hair if there is any and since there are different types of hair straightener available on the market you should also have some knowledge which will be best for so that you are safe financially and functionally.

To tame your unwanted curls or waves with sleek and shiny locks, hair straighteners are just what you need. But there are several factors that should be paid attention to and this is being said for your convenience. You should be aware of the fact that using any heated appliance will weaken and damage hair, so look for straighteners with ceramic-coated plate, which are kinder to your locks. It is even more useful and considered a bonus point if your styling tool have a variable temperature capability. A fake hair straightener will not guarantee all these whereas you will get 100% assurance from a reputable brand. So if your budget fails to afford the original one then it is advisable to better try the next time otherwise it is your own decision. You can go ahead with the fake one that are available at a cheap rate but you will be responsible for your own plight.

Choose the right plate size for your hair. Wrong plate size will not give the desired result leading to frustration. Smaller plates are easier to work with and are ideal for short or mid-length hair and vice versa. When using hair straighteners it is imperative that your hair is completely dry and brush your hair properly to distribute the natural oils present and to encourage the cuticle to lie flat, as this should help minimize damage. It is advisable to use a heat protection product first on your hair first if you are a daily user of hair straightener. This will protect your hair from unwanted damage due to heat. Also, condition after each wash and use an intensive treatment every seven to 10 days.

If you are using the straightener for the first time then you might face problem for the first few attempts and then you get use to it and know the steps to straightening. It is easy and it is not at all difficult, as it seems. First you need to clip the top sections of the hair out of the way and start your work with the underneath layers, as close to the roots as possible without burning your scalp and sliding the irons through the lengths of the hair using an even pressure from root to tip. When you finish with one section, you start the same process with another layer until you finally finish it off with every layer. Remember pin straight tresses provide the ideal canvas for creating dazzling shine, because the flatness of the hair's cuticles provides a smooth, light-reflecting surface.

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