Hair straightener - avoid damages to your hair

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Present generation fashion conscious women appreciate straight hair looks mostly and they can achieve the same with so many different types of hair straightener available on the market. The concept of straight hair is not new but old and that too was achieve by few women who dares to take the risk of straightening their hair with iron for clothes and did much damage to their hair. The concept remains the same but the technology has changed that provides hair styling with much safety and ease.

It is amazing to learn that women few years back when there was no tool like hair straightener dared to go beyond any limit to look beautiful and so realizing the necessity of such tool today we have the product in several different forms like curler, hair dryer, hair styler, hair straightener and etc. Always remember that higher quality plate is the most desirable asset of any flat iron as better plates straighten the hair more easily and cause much less damage. Genuine hair straightener has very hard ceramic coatings that are sprayed in layers and baked. This tends to perform best. While less expensive units usually do not have ceramic, heating elements and some may have a paint-like coating that gives the appearance of ceramic plating. The shortcomings of these hair accessories are that the cheaper coatings wear off very quickly and cause more damage to the hair and using these appliances will surely damage your hair.

There are two types of hair damages that these flat irons may create and they are damage due to heat and mechanical damage. Heat damage and mechanical damage can be avoided only if you are happy with what you are born with. Since the hotter the flat iron the better it works in changing the original structure of the hair forcibly so heat damage is unavoidable but since we are living in this modern era where creating fashion statement is important so everyone of us desire to look best paying attention to our look especially so we cannot avoid this. Next is the mechanical damage and that can be avoid with smoother plates. Hair straightener with ceramic plates is safe for your hair. You will come across several cheap hair straightener that looks like the original but their plates are made of aluminum and coated with something such as a hard ceramic coating. It gives you the impression of original hair straightener and anyone can get ditched especially if anyone is new to this field. With few use the cheaper coatings wear off and the level of mechanical damage increases that leads to split ends, hair breakage and many other hair problems.

We can do something to minimize the damage. First, you must focus on purchasing a quality product and not the cheap one that fake and does not guarantee safety and replacement if there is any problem. People exclaim at the selling price of the quality hair straightener but they are justifiable. Next we must follow the instructions strictly that comes with the product and try to use these appliances when required. Also must follow hair care regime properly to keep our hair in healthy condition. Following these steps will surely make our hair straightening experience enjoyable.

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