Hair removal for men – Laser Treatments VS Waxing

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In terms of hair removal men have come a long way since the days of Tom Selleck's infamous button down shirts. In today's very modern and liberal age, it's not just women who wanted to get rid of body hair. Today, men are as fanatical about their appearances as women are and also seek a less time consuming, longer lasting, take on the traditional hair removal methods.

Various methods exist but are often dependent on the location of the hair and the thickness of the hair follicle. Hair removal for men is most common in the facial area and shaving with a razor (electronic or manual) is the norm. But, when it comes to body hair there are a variety of options for men to choose from.

Hair removal for men; specifically any hair on the back or chest is generally achieved by waxing. Waxing is a hair removal treatment whereby the beautician applies hot wax onto the desired area, applying muslin onto the wax, rubbing it, and then ripping off the strip in one fell swoop -- wax, hair, root, and everything else.

As some men may find themselves being a tad bit embarrassed about going to the salon for a wax, there are a variety of DIY kits that can be performed in the comfort of your home. This is however not recommended; especially for waxing first-timers.

The downside to waxing is that continuous sessions of waxing can become quite costly and that's not even mentioning the high level of pain that one needs to endure.

The most effective and affordable method of hair removal for men is certainly laser hair removal treatments. This method has greater long-term benefits in that it is highly effective in getting rid of the hair permanently. It is also not associated with the pain caused by waxing and other hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal results in less hair growing back and the ones that do growth back, are finer and lighter in colour. As the laser treatments progress, patients generally notice the re-growth slowing down drastically.

It takes more than one laser treatment to affect all the hair follicles growing in a specific area and patients can expect to attend four to eight sessions, performed every one to two months. Results are also dependant on hair colour, hair type, body area and skin tone.

So, when considering your hair removal options, remember that it is no longer only females opting for laser hair removal and waxing treatments, men are considered to have the same grooming rights, which now include smooth facial and body skin.

This article about hair removal for men was produced by The Aesthetics Centre. The Aesthetics Centre is a leading beauty clinic and offers the latest techniques and cutting-edge technology available in South Africa. Based in Gauteng, we treat patients from across South Africa. We take responsibility for all of our results and where necessary provide comprehensive aftercare and follow-up sessions.

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