Hair Removal – De Rigueur for every Well-Groomed Person

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Hair Removal - Different methods of removing unwanted hair

Hair Removal is a process of removing unwanted hairs from your body. It is practiced by both men and women, as unwanted hairs on any part of the body can be annoying for anyone. In the past, people have tried various methods of hair removal such as shaving, waxing, threading, sugaring, plucking and tweezing. These methods of hair removal are temporary, as hair can grow again after some period of time. However, there are methods of permanent hair removal like the electrology and lasers. Let's discuss some of the common methods of hair removal

Shaving method of hair removal
Shaving is the most common method of hair removal practiced by both men and women. It is also the cheapest and fastest method of removing your unwanted body hair. With shaving method, you won't feel the pain. You can also shave your legs and underarms to remove unwanted hair. Women can shave their bikini line as well. We advise you not to shave upper lip, eyebrows, or chin.

Waxing method of hair removal

Waxing is a common method of hair removal mostly used by women for removing their unwanted hair around bikini line. It is popularly known as bikini waxing. This process of hair removal involves the application of a hot or cold wax on the skin that removes hair from the root. The waxing method can be used for removing unwanted hair from other body areas like legs, arms, and face. Waxing is a little bit painful method than the shaving. But the pain would be just like a small twinge which goes on being more tolerable after each session.

Threading hair removal
Threading is one of the methods of hair removal that is being used since the ancient ages. It is also used by majority of people today, especially for giving shapes to eyebrows, upper lip, and other facial areas. While threading also you may feel the slight pinch-like feeling which is quite bearable after one gets used to it.

Tweezing method of hair removal
It is a method of removing unwanted hairs from body parts by pulling hair out of the root manually with the help of tweezers. This method is generally used by people for removing unwanted hair from eyebrows or face. It is quite a painful method that may cause ingrown hairs.

Depilatory method of hair removal
The depilatory method of hair removal is quite common and involves the use of a depilatory cream that is applied on the skin surface. The chemical in this cream dissolves the hair and after some time, just wipe it out to clear the area. To put it more precisely, depilatory creams helps to dissolve the keratin, which is the main hair protein.

There are many advantages of using depilatory creams, as these are generally inexpensive, fast and offer painless treatment for hair removal. But these creams can also cause skin irritation or allergies.

Electrolysis method of hair removal
It is among permanent methods of removing unwanted hair from the body and face. This method used to be painful but with the coming up of new technological devices, the discomfort level has been reduced to a mere tingling. This method of hair removal can be useful to you, especially for removing curved or distorted hair.

Laser method of hair removal
This is the latest and advanced method of permanent hair removal. It can be relatively painless and targets individual hair or more hairs at one time depending upon the type of laser used. You can use lasers for removing unwanted hairs from body areas such as back, legs, shoulders, underarms, upper lip, chin, and even bikini line. There is no danger in using lasers on any part of the body, just should be careful to cover eyes as the laser is hazardous to the naked eyes.

With technological advances, some magnificent laser devices have been manufactured that you can buy and keep at home. You can remove unwanted hair whenever you feel annoyed with them. One of these latest laser devices for hair removal is Rio Laser Hair Removal. It can help you with permanent removal of unwanted body hairs. You can also buy this device online and it comes with a user's instructions manual. Before operating this device, you should read the instructions properly.

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