Hair Removal – A Major Concern of Men and Women

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Today the practice of hair removal is one of the major concerns not only for the majority of women but also for men. The hair removal has become a kind of welfare for the body with one goal - to get a smoother skin. In the current trend with the set of summer season the skin should be soft and hairless.This is one of the rules of any well-groomed woman and man.Vegetation on the legs or any part of the visible body is seen as unwillingness to follow the trend, laziness and lack of respect for self and others.Today we will talk about different hair removal techniques and products, after which you will get a soft and moisturized skin, relieved irritation and would also slow the growth of unwanted hair.

The goal of hair removal is to remove hair from all parts of the body - most visible and also from more intimate areas. The hair removal is increasingly practiced for the pleasure and well-being beyond just the physical health or decency. It has become a new fashion, put forward by followers of body care and sellers of skin care creams.

Beyond a better quality of life, mode of hair removal also comes from the field of sports and athletes. The original purpose for hair removal in this field is to avoid odors after the effort and the oxidation of sweat. Different methods of hair removal exist and are open to all. The removal of hair now extends beyond the legs and armpits ... It concerns now pubis, the torso ... a beauty criterion established by the male as well as female role models.

Hair removal techniques


The razor, as everyone knows, whether electrical or mechanical, gives a quick, assured and perfect result. More appropriate for the legs and armpits but it has a major drawback - It is necessary to shave every two to three days, because the hair re-grows quickly and harder than last time. A little tip - Always use a proper shaving cream and new blade for every shave. This is necessary to keep the skin smooth and to avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Especially for the legs of women, if they want to keep them beautiful to show off in the sexy lingerie's.


Waxing is very old method been used from ages for hair removal. Wax can be purchased or made itself even at home with a mixture of honey, lemon and sugar. Its effectiveness lays in the fact that it removes the hair from the root to give a result that lasts 3 weeks, with a much slower re-growth. The disadvantage is it takes a steady hand to apply the wax, especially in inaccessible places like the back of the thighs, and pay attention to the wax in case very hot wax can lead to burns. Wax is most effective on long hair; it requires minimum 3mm hair length to pull the hair more properly and give more effective results. The best thing is to get it done by a professional beautician. In addition, it will go much faster too.

The depilatory cream or foam

This method is mainly advisable for beginners or the ones who are not comfortable with shaving or waxing. In this method the depilatory cream is to be applied on the skin with a small spoon or a spatula and rinsed after 10 minutes of dissolution. Unfortunately, this requires a lot of product, and it is not very economical. Moreover, the result is almost identical to shave; it results in harder hair and faster hair re-growth.

The laser hair removal

Finally, laser hair removal - not the final hair removal method actually. The laser light is targeted at the root of hair, which destroys the hair bulb. But this method works only for people with white skin and black hair as this method requires a high amount of melanin to work effectively. This hair removal technique is painless but very costly and requires long time period because more than one sitting is required, spaced at several months.

Hair Removal for Men

And what about men? Majority of them admit to have the worry and concern about the hair removal. The places from where they most often remove hair are the armpits, chest, pubic area and groin. Whether cream, razor or wax, there is not a priori preferred technique. This may be due to the fact that very few do it themselves, but prefer to go to center.

The goal is obviously the desire to please, as more and more women, especially among 15 to 22 years, greatly appreciate the aesthetic result and also the efforts made by men to take care of their bodies.

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