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Losing hair too frequently nowadays? Some people attribute this hair fall to the pollution and the heat while others say their hair oil is not effective and is attracting dust. Hair potion is not a shampoo. Just like hair oil is applied before shampooing, hair potion is to be used after shampooing. It protects hair from atmospheric dust and pollution and prevents it from damage. It can also be called as a post wash conditioner that helps to untangle hair and protect it from dryness. Unlike hair oil which can attract grime and dust, potion protects the hair from dirt and enables hair to stay clean and smooth until the next wash. It also allows a comb to slide smoothly down your hair after your shampoo. Generally, people lose maximum hair after a shower.

Hair Potion offers round-the-clock protection from dust, heat and grime so that your hair stays nourished and healthy. People who face hair loss now have recourse. Ninety five percent of the cases, hair fall is genetic but unhealthy diet, travelling in the sun, carelessness, overuse of hair dye, daily stress, etc, can lead to hair loss. Hair potion protects each hair strand and not allows dirt from settling in. It gives continuous protection from pollution and works as a hair mask. It is ideal for people with dry and damaged or oily hair. Hair potion acts as an add-on to your hair care needs and will enable that your hair looks lustrous and shiny.

Applying hair potion regularly to your hair has various benefits:

1. Helps to make your hair stronger

2. Ideal for dry or even premed and color treated hair

3. Makes hair soft and smooth

4. Protects hair from dust and grime

5. Creates texture on longer hair enabling you to try different styles, braid it or tie it

6. Easier to work on and adds volume to your hair

7. Hair stays shiny and manageable

8. It can smooth limp ends and make your hair easy to style

9. It also saves time on your combing and styling, dry and damaged hair is difficult to comb, tangles easily and does not style easy.

10. Instant hair care

11. Calms down all hair problems and allow you to experiment with new styles/ hairdos

How to apply hair potion:

• Apply hair potion after shampooing your hair and before you completely dry it, take some on your palm and apply generously on your hair from root to tip.

• Ensure that you do rub it vigorously on your hair. Unlike oil, hair potion is just to be gently smoothed on your hair from root to tip.

• Potion the hair to the roots to make your hair easier to work with

• Apply hair potion before braiding or twisting your hair to a bun, this makes it easier to style and hold

Hair Potion is ideal for curly hair as it untangles your hair and helps you to manage it.

Applying hair potion regularly restores your hair's natural condition, leaving hair with renewed shine and volume.

In city's daily life our hair faces the pollutions, dust and grime which make hair dirty and tangled. Hair potion protects each hair strand from these dust and grime and not allows dirt from settling in. It's a leave in conditioner gives continuous protection from pollution and works as a hair mask.

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