Hair loss: The cause and treatment

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Hair loss: The cause and treatment

Popular Cause of Hair Loss: Pattern Baldness

I believe that one day when you are shaving you will see that your hair was thinning. You looked into the mirror again and noticed that it wasn't thinning all over, but just around the temples. You have wondered that your father had a full of hair so "how could my hair be receding?"

when your hair is thinking around the temples and on the crown, your hair was one of two distinct kinds of on your scalps. One being normal coarseness, and the other being a thinner shaft.

There are Three basic Factors in Balding.

Men who bald young often had trouble with acne during their teen years. A capricious, rather than an excess portion of androgens (the collective term for a group of males sex hormones) causes both situations.

In fact studies could not believed the theory that bald men have a higher level in the blood, but the baldness and the ability to grow a full beard and the correlation of androgens,acne,excessive hair has long been reported. Three factors androgens, age, heredity are necessary for baldness to occur, although the precise proportions and amounts required to remain an enigma.

Who Becomes Bald?Who actually suffers hair loss? Most men, it seems. 12% of men aged 25 show some signs of loss, 40% of all men in their 30s suffer noticeable hair loss, and half of all men in their 40s have lost a great deal of hair. The loss of hair of man aged 65 and over reaches to 70%.

Baldness can happen with anyone.Both men and women who have androgen circulating in their body, however there are more androgens in men's body. In women's body, estrogens against some of the effects of androgen.

Most of us, both men and women are bald because of the gene.There is a 50% chance of inheriting the gene if your father is bald. Even though, your mother had also carried the gene but it hadn't appeared yet, you would be inherited the gene and face to baldness.

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