Hair loss prevention method "definitely works"

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These days, many men and women use body care products in the fight against hair loss.

In most cases, hair is shed due to hormonal factors, but other things, including experiencing traumatic events, can lead to the issue.

Also, chemotherapy can cause cancer patients to experience a falling out of their tresses. This is often one of the worst aspects of the treatment for such people.

However, one method used to combat this effect of chemotherapy has been described as effective.

According to a report on, breast cancer survivor Shirley Billigmeier tried the cap earlier this year and she managed to retain her hair even after six round of the therapy.

She used a device involving a cold cap, which was developed by a UK-based firm and works on the principle that cooling the scalp can help to prevent locks being shed as a result of the chemicals used to fight cancer.

The Penguin Cold Cap slows blood circulation to the follicles using a gel that is similar to that used in cold packs for knee injuries.

It is worn for half-hour cycles on days when chemotherapy is administered and is rotated with another cap. The process lasts for seven hours.

Commenting on her experiences using the hair loss prevention method, Ms Billigmeier said: "My hair is all there. It definitely works."

Meanwhile, fellow cancer sufferer Ditah Rimar added: "It gives you an overall sense of control that you can do something with this disease that can be out of control. This is something you can do. It's part of the fight."

Of course, it is not only cancer sufferers who find themselves battling with balding and there is a whole range of products available for other people with the condition. These days, it is possible to source such body care resources over the web.

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