Hair Loss Prevention Herbals

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There is no known cure for a balding head. But having said that, there are remedies you can avail of that can delay the inevitable hair thinning process especially if you are genetically predisposed towards it. These treatments aim to achieve hair loss prevention. Herbal medication practiced for centuries has been tested effective in arresting hair loss and promote hair growth but only for as long as these treatment regimen are regularly done. Stop the treatment and the hair loss resumes its course.

1. Saw Palmetto

The extract from this plant has been used to treat non-cancerous prostrate enlargement with anti-androgenetic properties to control the DHT substance that cannot be expelled by a malfunctioning prostrate. This same property can arrest DHT overproduction that causes hair to weaken and fall out.

2. Aloe Vera

You can rub Aloe vera gel squeezed out from its tendrils directly onto the scalp or mix the gel extract with coconut milk or wheat germ oil to become a shampoo. The extract has long been used by herbalist for centuries as being effective in treating a number of minor illnesses, one of which is to promote hair follicles to improve blood circulation, grow back hair and replace those that have fallen out.

3. Rosemary Plant

Rosemary plant is among the oldest and most revered herbal substance used by ancient herbalists as having curative properties against common ailments like colds, flu as well as liver and gall bladder disorders. Its antiseptic qualities make it an excellent ingredient in shampoos to cleanse the scalp of debris and excess sebum than impede hair growth. If you are afflicted with scalp disorders like dandruff, Rosemary herbal oils can relieve the scaling that case dandruff. It will not directly address hair loss, but will control the scalp conditions that result in hair loss.

The above home-brewed medication can be a good start for hair loss prevention. Herbal medication has been accepted by medical experts as having sound basis for most of their curative claims. But it is important that they remain part of any hair loss regimen on a sustained basis since discontinuing it can bring back the hair loss

Hair loss is natural. However, hair loss becomes an alarming condition when a person loses more than the usual amount of hair that he sheds. If you are looking for more information about Hair Loss Prevention Herbals , visit us at now!

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