Hair Loss Caused By Stress

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Sudden intense stressful situations have been known to cause temporary hair loss. Under normal conditions, about 10% of hair strands enter the resting or what is medically termed as the telogen phase which in 3-4 months fall off. In the meantime new hair is growing to replace them. The problem happens when you suffer near traumatic or shocking stressful conditions which disturb the hair's growth rhythms that cause more hair to go into telogen and falls of more significantly than they are replaced. This hair loss caused by stress is medically termed Telogen Effluvium to describe this type of hair loss.

Stressful Conditions

These stresses that shock your hair growth patterns can result in 30% to 40% hair to go into telogen and fall out 3-4 months later. Some of these stressful situations include childbirth, surgery, intense fever as well as self-inflicted weight loss or crash dieting regimens. It often happens after the first bout of these stresses, like a woman's first childbirth or the first major surgery. Second childbirth usually doesn't stress as much.


Telogen Effluvium happens after the stressful situations have subsided. So don't panic when hair falls out with no apparent reason other than the fact that Telogen Effluvium will cause hair to fall even months after your stressful situation has died down. That's because the telogen phase caused by the stress lasts for at least 3 months before the hair falls out.

Hair loss caused by stress is temporary. Once over, hair growth resumes and you should be able to see improvements. No special treatment is necessary as Telogen Effluvium is temporary. The prognosis always look positive as all your hair grow back. No need to stop shampooing which often yields a bunch of hair on the bathroom floor after your severe bout with stress. Bear in mind that hair in telogen phase will always fall off, with or without your help.

Hair loss is natural. However, hair loss becomes an alarming condition when a person loses more than the usual amount of hair that he sheds. If you are looking for more information about Hair Loss Caused By Stress , visit us at now

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