Hair Glue - Does it Really Make Your Hair Stand on End?

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So what exactly is hair glue? Hair glue is a sculpting product and is not to be confused with extension glue which stylists use to attach extensions to real human hair. It allows the stylist to create works of art when it comes to the latest styles. Many spiky, sculptured looks have been created by stylists who consider themselves "artists" using the latest products such as hair glue. Given the term because of its glue like properties, it has introduced new possibilities in the salon and is particularly popular with the male population and is especially suited to short hair. Some of the products are water resistant and can only be removed using a soap based product such as shampoo.

Does hair glue really work? In the hands of a professional it definitely does work, it needs to be used correctly or there will be large clumps that have been glued together and this products a clumpy look and feel to the hair. Worked from the roots to the tips, the hair can be spiked into funky, imaginative styles in as little as half an hour.

Dry or wet hair? Hair glue should not be applied to completely wet hair as this weakens its strength and makes sculpting difficult to do. The hair can either be damp or dry, depending upon the results required. For use on damp hair it is best to put a small amount into the palm of the hand and work it gently into the hair starting from the roots and working up to the tips. To get that extra stiff look and feel it is best to blow dry the hair and if necessary apply a small amount of glue using the fingertips to work it into the ends of the hair.

What makes hair glue appealing to us? Hair glue is very popular with the younger, male end of the market and has been specifically aimed this way. This is reflected in the product packaging and advertising campaigns seen in many magazines for men. Well known celebrities have endorsed such products and as we well know, this is fantastic news for the manufacturers.

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