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Human hair extensions

Human hair extensions are a great way to give your present hairstyle a new lease of life. They can change the length, add volume and give you a completely different look efficiently. The clips on these extensions are concealed and when placed properly in your hair are not plain, as they should blend with your natural hair. In order to achieve this natural and faultless look it is vital to choose extensions that are as near to your hair color as possible.

human hair extensions extensions come in either, full headsets, double wefted sets, streaks/colored or one-piece fast fixes. The extension is composed of a length of hair with little snap clips across the top ready to be simply secured to your own hair. The dimensions of the extensions varies, bigger ones could be seven to 8 inches across with 3 or four snap clips and the side extensions may be two inches with one snap clip.

Human hair extensions extensions can be made from either human hair or from artificial hair although the manmade hair can't be permed, heat styled or coloured as it is man made and it'll melt. The human hair extensions can be coloured and styled making them a more popular option. The human hair extensions hair is mostly sourced from, Europe, China or India. The feel, quality and colors of the hair vary depending on where it was sourced.

Europe : this hair varies in texture direct to wavy to curly ; it also varies in color from, blond to red to dark brown. European hair is less well protected against the sun because of a absence of melanin in the hair.

Chinese : this hair is mostly straight, thick and extraordinarily robust and can be easily styled. The hair is mostly brown or black and sometimes the black hair can gave a bluish hint to it.

Indian : the hair from India is generally similar in texture to western european hair and is mostly black or dark brown. Clip in hair extension can cost anywhere from £10 to lots of pounds for an excellent quality full head set. It is usually recommended that buyers only purchase extensions, which are graded as An as, they're of the highest possible quality and will give the most impressive results to the client. Most clip in hair extensions will last anywhere from six months up to a year, making them fantastically cost effective.Here is a great resource for human hair extensions.


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Most clip in hair extensions will last anywhere from six months up to a year, making them incredibly cost effective.Here is a great resource for
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