Hair conditioning for a great hair day

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Think you are having a bad hair day? Maybe it's not a new hair style, maybe all your hair needs is some of its lost moisture. Hair conditioning helps moisturize your hair and make it shiny and hydrated. Regular shampooing can cause dryness and aggravate dandruff for some. Conditioning ensures that the moisture is not lost and hair becomes lustrous and silky. It is especially suited for dry hair as it replenishes the oil and adds bounce and strength. Depending on the hair type and the level of moisture, there are different types of conditioners; for dry and damaged hair and for oily hair.

How to use hair conditioning:

Follow these seven steps to beautiful, oil free yet moisturized hair:

1. After shampooing, do not dry your hair; just gently squeeze out the excess water.

2. Remove tangles if any, by gently combing your hair from root to tip.

3. Pour a bit of conditioner and rub your palms together to distribute the conditioner.

4. Smooth it on your hair with a long toothed comb, DO NOT rub it on your scalp.

5. Leave it for five minutes and gently massage your hair.

6. Rinse thoroughly and blow-dry your hair or use a towel to gently absorb moisture from your hair. Do NOT rub your hair vigorously with the towel.

7. Your hair is now easy to manage and you are unlikely to lose too much hair next time you comb.

On the other hand, leave-in hair conditioners are designed to be applied and left in the hair without rinsing. These are moisture-rich and light-weight formulas that smoothes tangles and prevents dryness.

How to use the leave-in hair conditioning:

These leave-in conditioners are to be applied just before towel-drying your hair. These are normally left on the hair until the next wash.

For people having trouble with dry, fly-away hair, this is an ideal option as regular conditioning can cause hair to become flat but the leave-in conditioners (often in the form of a spray) will target those areas that need most attention. Leave-in conditioners help you condition only problem areas. They can also be used to detangle dry hair or smooth hair ends. The leave-in conditioner detangles hair leaving it calm, relaxed and smooth and prevents frizz. Lightweight leave-in conditioners can also be applied after colouring your hair. This preserves colour purity while adding moisture and shine.

Conditioning your hair can have various benefits:
• Detangle your hair
• Make it glossy and smooth
• Replenish lost moisture
• Make it easy to manage and style
• Avoids hair loss to a certain extent

How often to you use hair conditioning?
People generally use hair conditioning twice a week. But it is recommended to use hair conditioning every time you shampoo.
Just like your skin needs protection from the sun and from winter dryness, a leave in conditioner can nourish your hair the same way a moisturizer nourishes your face. Investing in a leave-in conditioner is a good idea especially in the winter season, when hair tends to be dry and develops static electricity.

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