Hair and Hairdressers

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In the eyes of a Manchester Hairdresser, hair is the be all and end all. Hair growth is a major issue particularly with the male generation. What is so wrong with hair loss? And why do so many men feel inadequate without it? In order to answer these questions we must look further in-depth into history.First off all how is hair formed?The hair follicles are obliquely rooted in the scalp, and the hair has two parts: the hair bulb and the hair shaft.It is in the bulb, located at the base of the hair root, that the cells proliferate, thanks to the essential provision of oxygen, nourishing substances and mineral salts transported by the tiny capillaries.Gradually pushed upwards, these cells become loaded with keratin to form the hair shaft.What is the purpose of hair?Surely this seems obvious? To keep warm! As with animals and fur we humans have hair.Humans, however, have lost most of our dense fur, so even though we still get goose-bumps,and our hairs can stand on end, the keep-warmth-in phenomenon no longer works.

So we've had a mini science lesson here comes the history, hair loss was seen as a loss of virility in Egyptian times this may account for the fact that Pharaohs were buried with abundant head gear. This sense of feeling appears to have continued through to the present.So what is hair loss? Alopecia is the loss of hair where there formerly was hair. Androgenetic alopecia is the most common form of hair loss and can occur in men and women. There are many reasons as to why the condition of hair loss arises; ringworm of the scalp common in children, stress can cause hair to fall out, age - as we age, hair weakens and breaks, nutrition - poor nutrition can weaken the hair, medication - certain drugs or treatments.Probably the most common is the genetic condition androgenetic alopecia, or male-pattern baldness.

Although hair loss has been a serious concern for so many people, there is no sign of any medical intervention in the form of a cure.Bearing this in mind many people have gone on to find ways of making life easier by inventing the wig! The wig, however also dates back to the good old Pharaoh.So not only did the Egyptians create the theory of loss without hair they also created the cure,or in their case prevention.The Egyptians would shave their hair and replace it with a wig in order to prevent the inevitable! And finally as in the words of a Manchester hairdresser "the most important thing a man/woman can have - next to talent, of course - is his/her hairdresser".

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