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Im sure you are familiar with online video conference software by now. Its a tool which replicates that of a traditional offline meeting. You get a huge range of tools and functions to help you carry out all kinds of tasks. These tasks combined all play part in delivering a really great experience. In fact, video conferencing streamed directly from a room server is outstanding. The quality due to the advance in technology has given us the ultimate tool in global communication.

OK, so we have the tools at hand, but what about the attendees. For any of you who have held parties before will know that you should only expect half of the original expected attendees, as many don’t make it. Running an online video conference works exactly the same, In fact, if you invite 50, you should expect to see about 20 or less. This is even more of an issue if your conference is a regular one and runs every week. People will always say to themselves, I will make it next week.

There is nothing you can do about this. Its human nature and you are also playing the numbers game.

The best way to really get the most out of your conference and to fill up the room is viral advertising. This is personal recommendation. This is so powerful and still stands to this day to be the hottest form of advertising and promotion.

For example. You see an advert in a magazine for a new film. You think that looks good, maybe I will go and see that. Later that day you see a friend, this friend has been to see this film and highly recommends you go and see it, because it was a fab film and definitely for you.

The viral part of the example above is so powerful when it comes to sales and leads. In the example, after seeing the film in the magazine you may or may not have gone. After speaking to a friend, somebody you know, like and trust, there is now a good chance you will watch that film. Its called viral marketing and its all about personal recommendation.

Now this is how viral marketing can help you and your conference. I know you have heard of Facebook. In fact I bet you have an account. Facebook is a huge social site where people link together from all over the world. Where this will help out is when you are holding a conference with lets say the 20 people who made it out of the 50, you would have a Facebook like button for them to click directly in the conference room. Dont just dangle it there like a carrot, actually request that they click it and you will be nicely surprised. You would ask them nicely before you begin to help you share the conference. Not all, but most people will do this. After clicking the button, a thumbs up will appear on their facebook wall with a link back to the conference room. Once it is on their wall it can be seen by all of their friends, and many people have many friends going into the thousands.

I think you get the idea, viral marketing using the power of facebook can explode your conference room, so much so you may have to upgrade to allow more attendees. The more you can get to attend, the larger your audience, the more successful your results will be.

Viral marketing and personal recommendation is so powerful. Make sure you take advantage of this.

I use GVO Conference with facebook inviter application. To get a FREE Demo account, visit my site here http://www.conferencessoftware.com

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