GVO Conference software and desktop sharing

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Desktop sharing with online video conference software is a great tool. Sharing your desktop with all attendees holds huge potential. In this example I am using GVO Conference.

What is Desktop Sharing. All conference providers offer a range of conference packages to suit your needs, I strongly recommend using one which gives you tools and functions which include the desktop sharing feature. Other great tools to look out for are, file sharing, white board sharing, PowerPoint sharing, video sharing, browser sharing, full way video, full way multiple chat, record function, and more.

All of these mentioned tools make for a great streamlined engaging conference and each tool ads to the overall success. Not all conference providers offer all the tools in one package, so choose carefully when looking for a conference provider.

The desktop sharing feature is one of the best by far. Desktop sharing is enabling others to see your desktop over the internet. While you navigate, install programs, use software, and more, anybody connected can see what you are doing.

The use of desktop sharing with online video conference software is great. You are able to toggle on desktop sharing from your functions list. All conference attendees are able to view your desktop directly from the conference room. Basically what you can see, so can they. This tool works really well as a demonstration tool. If you want to explain how to do something, say install a program, and you want to share this with a group of people, you can show them. This is extremely effective and helps you to express your demonstration in detail. Showing somebody how to do something is a lot more effective than telling. This was a brief example and I think you get the idea. Basically anything you want to share with others which is currently on your system or a, how to do, can be achieved easily with the use of the desktop sharing function.

Its important to remember to prepare properly when conducting a conference and using the desktop sharing feature. Open all the programs and files you want to share first to save any awkward embarrassment by searching and being unable to open things. Sounds like common sense, but it does happen. If all your items are available to you at the click of a button it makes for a much more streamlined experience. Also remember to remove or close any files, data, or information which is not for others eyes. Once the desktop function is toggled on, anything you are doing on your system is being viewed by all members in the conference.

Desktop sharing is best used for example based conferences. Running demonstrations online has never been so easy and with the use of modern technology the sharing is smooth and streamlined.

I have been part of many large online conferences and desktop sharing is always a good choice. With little practice you can toggle on and use this feature very easily. You will find that demonstrating something on your desktop using this feature is just as productive as somebody looking over your shoulder.

I used GVO Conference in this example. To take a further look at the tools and functions on offer, visit my site here http://www.conferencessoftware.com

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