Guide to theatre

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Guide to Theatre

Going to the theatre can be a fun experience for seasoned patrons of the arts as well as first-timers.
Arrive early enough to be able to be seated before the curtain goes up. (If you are late, most theatres will not seat you until an appropriate break in the performance occurs.) Considering it can cost quite a lot to buy tickets it would be a shame to miss out.
Read the program beforehand to familiarize yourself with the actors, the plot and other interesting information about the cast and the performance. It will make knowing who Is who a lot easier.
Always turn off your mobile phone and anything else that will distract not only the performers but the rest of the audience too. Nothing is more unpleasant than the constant ringing and beeping of devices during a performance. .
Get up and go out into the lobby during the break It's a good way to stretch your legs and get a drink without interrupting the other theatre goers. It is also a good time to purchase a program.

Book tickets early if you have a specific area in the theatre in which you wish to sit. Some shows sell out incredibly quickly. Do look out for special offers before you purchase your tickets. .
Don't talk during the performance. Not only is it annoying to those around you, but it can distract the performers as well.
Above all it is important to enjoy your experience in the theatre.

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