Guide to how to buy a copier

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Buying a copier for your office can become a daunting task with the huge variety of options available. To make the buying process easier, it is better to understand your budget, the copying requirements etc . It may also be worthwhile to explore if there any tax saving options available for your business.

For a SOHO business, the convenience of copying in house as compared to visiting a copy shop may be the key reason for buying a copier. For an SME, the considerations can be the cost of copying in house vs externally as also the time factor. With the advent of the multifunction copier, it is now possible to have a laser printer, copier, fax and scanner all in one! This can help with managing space in your office. If you require large volume of copying and printing, then there are machines custom designed to do this economically

Below are a few features you must consider before you make the final decision:


This is the capability to print on both sides. It's worth paying a little more for this feature as it saves money in the long run.

Black And White, Color, Injet or Laser?

If you plan to use your copier for producing marketing collaterals, it is worthwhile investing in a color copier. Laser printers are expensive, yet cheaper to run than inkjet printers as it removes the hassle of changing ink cartridges. Often offices uses laser printers as they are build for high volume printing. Inkjet are more for home and small office with less printing volume.

Copier Versatility

Make sure the copier can handle a variety of paper sizes and weights. You may also need to copy transparencies and index cards. If you need to copy from books, then go for a flatbed copier. Copiers today can have many functions, such as print, scan, and fax. If you have a small office, consider a multifunction copier. This can make good use of the spaces you have in an office. But be aware that if the machine breaks down, all functions go with it.

Copier Paper Capacity

As a business person, you can save time by giving a decent size copy run instead of copying one paper at a time. Look for a copier with a paper capacity which matches your requirement. You may also want a copier with a automatic document feeder that holds at least 20 sheets.

Copier Maintenance

Buy copiers which are low on maintenance. It is better to invest a little more into a high performance copier with low maintenance than a cheap copier with a high maintenance

Copier Quality

If you are into printing quality, look for copiers with high Dots Per Inch (DPI) which means how many dots in an inch. Usually photographs are at 300 dpi. Most printers support this and even higher.

Copying/Printing Speed

Speed can be a very important factor when choosing a copier or printer. Speed of copiers is defined as PPM (Pages Per Minute).



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