Guide To Creating Your Own Postcards

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Postcard printing on your own is actually easy. The main element of postcard printing is its image. Just arm yourself with archives of pictures and you are ready to create your own personalized postcards. As for the format, you can find a wide selection of postcard templates which can be printed in different sizes such as 4x6 postcards.

Picture Files

If you want to use your own pictures in the postcard, store them in one file so that it will be a lot easier for you to upload them when you are creating them. For those pictures that you find on magazines, newspapers or other forms of print materials, just scan them and save them in the same file with the rest of your own pictures.


If you have advanced knowledge of designing, you can use Adobe, Corel and others. Design software provides you with all the liberty and creativity to produce great looking postcards.

However, if you have limited knowledge when it comes to computers and software, worry not. Word processors such as Microsoft Word and OpenOffice have their own options to create postcards using postcard templates.


There are two ways to do this: at home with your own printer or online printing. Printing at home is cost effective but with limited choices. Postcard size, paper, quantity and quality of printing will depend on your printer and ink. For small quantities of 4x6 postcards or small to medium sizes, you may have them printed at home.

The process for printing at home is the following:

1. Download Free Postcard Templates from any source you find online.

2. Open the postcard template in Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.

3. On the first box on the screen, click “Add Image” and add your picture.

4. For resizing it to a 4x6 postcard (for example) and the image is too big or too small, position your cursor on the corners of the picture. You can then adjust the size.

5. Add your text or message.

6. The screen will show several boxes (or same postcard template) so just copy the content of the first postcard and paste them on each box until they are all filled.

7. Go to “Print” to produce your postcards.

The process for online printing is the following:

1. Choose an online printing and navigate your way on its site. Find the “Postcard” or “Order/Purchase” link.

2. If there is a Postcard link, click on it. This should lead you to their postcard templates. Click on preferred postcard template.

3. Click “Add Your Design” or “Upload Image” and choose your preferred picture.

4. There should be instructions as well as to how to resize your image and add your texts. Just follow them and you will be okay. If you want to use 4x6 postcards, just find the “postcard size” option.

5. The more you order the better price. Online printing companies offer discounts for bulk orders. Type the number of postcards and click “Add to Cart” or “Submit Order.”

6. Make your payment and complete the rest of the purchase process.

This guide should let you produce gorgeous postcards even with the use of postcard templates. If you want to experiment (first), try printing 4x6 postcards and see the results.

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