Growth of Call Center Industry of the Philippines Through Outsourcing

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According to many professionals, the reason why the call center industry of the Philippines have grown so much and so fast in only less than a decade is because of its Outsource Call Center services.

Many call center companies in the Philippines, including Magellan Call Center, are known to have provided their services not only to companies in the Philippines, but also to companies outside the country, such as those from the US, which added to the growth of the call center industry of the Philippines.

Growth of call center industry through outsourcing
According to many experts, the call center industry in the Philippines started as a mere provider of email response and managing services, and the number of call center agencies were not as much as it is today.

Eventually, the industry grew when a number of call center companies started to offer their Outsource Call Center services to other countries, particularly in US. This started the growth of call center companies in the Philippines providing outsourcing services to other countries.

Although many are still focusing in providing their call center services to companies within the country, such as what Magellan Call Center is known for, many of these have also expanded to provide their services to foreign companies.

So why choose the Philippines? According to many experts, the reason why many companies around the world, particularly in the US, chose the Philippines as their base of outsourced services is because of the Filipinos' keen understanding of the English language along with cheaper workforce. This made the Philippines more competent in Asia.

Because of this, a number of multinational companies have also expanded in the Philippines, such as Sykes, Convergys, and Accenture, which opened a lot of job vacancies in the Philippines.

Effects of global recession
Because the industry heavily relied on its Outsource Call Center services, a lot of call center agencies and companies across the Philippines were heavily affected when global recession have hit the world, particularly the US economy. This led to many companies closing, not only the call center industry but many other industries in the Philippines, which also caused a major downturn of the Philippines' economy.

Today, the industry have slowly picked up its pace in the industry. While many call center companies have started to open up again, many of the old companies that survived global warming are still known to offer their outsourcing services not only to companies in the Philippines, but also to companies outside the country, such as Magellan Call Center.

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