Growing Demands for Cosmetics and Toiletry Products

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Cosmetics and toiletry products are largely dependent on chemicals for their manufacturing. Growing demands for these products in the market for such products has reached nearly $7.6 billion by 2010.

Over the years demands for
cosmetic products and especially the beauty products has resulted in corresponding hike in the demands for cosmetic and toiletry chemicals in United States. Annual rate or rise in demands is around 5.4%.

Reasons for Rise in Demands

Multiple reasons have contributed to the rise in demands for such chemicals such as –

* Consumer’s desire to offset aging effects;

* Preferences among customers for natural products;

* Favorable trends in demographics;

* Growth in demands for active ingredients like enzymes and amino acids; and

* Continued gains in cosmetic skin care products.

Traditional Cosmetics and Toiletry Products

These days, there is a strong trend in the consumer market towards nanotechnologies and natural products like botanical extracts, soy protein, natural fats as well as oils. In addition the natural inclination of manufacturers is towards non-traditional chemicals instead of traditional chemicals like the petroleum products or commodity surfactants. One of the reasons for such decline in the popularity of non-traditional chemicals is increasing popularity of water based chemicals instead of harsh ones.

Components Gaining Rapid Growth

Some of the articles used as toiletry products and beauty products have been achieving rapid growth during 2010. Male grooming, anti-aging, 50+, and ethnic products are becoming very popular. Facial and skin care items for both men and women and exclusive mail products like higher value shaving components are becoming the craze of the day. Women oriented products like moisturizers and hair care are among the trendy items as well. In result the demand for cosmetics and toiletry products are forever on the rise.

Statistical Features

Studies conducted on the growing demands for the chemicals used in cosmetic as well as toiletry items indicate that the annual growth rates for different components during the decade 2001-2010 are as follows.

* Cosmetic and toiletry chemicals 5.4%

* Cleansing Agents and Foamier 6.9%

* Emollients and Moisturizers 5.6%

* Fragrances and Flavors 4.1%

*Processing Aids 5.0%

Role Played by NPA

Role played by the Natural Products Association or NPA in the matter has been very important. New discounts have been introduced by them to help manufacturers to meet the ever growing demands for natural products. Granting certifications to over 500 products in a period of only two years it has made a wide array of raw materials available for the manufacturers. In the process, NPA is offering the manufacturers great opportunities to bring their “Certified Natural” personal care as well as home care products to the market while availing the discounts offered by NPA.

Discount Features

NPA program has been highly successful reportedly. Discounts offered by NPA on natural ingredients for cosmetics and toiletry products include: -

* 25% in products containing four or more ingredients certified by NPA; and

* 50% in products that uses only NPA certified ingredients.

Most of the ingredients certified by NPA are natural products and it has been a major reason for the current trend in the chemical markets for cosmetics as well as toiletry products.

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