Grow and Glow with a mutthi aasman

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Har Koi Chaahata Hai, Ek Mutthi Aasmaan

Har Koi dhoondtha Hai, Ek Mutthi Aasmaan

Jo seene se lagaa le, ho aisa ek jahaan

Har Koi Chaahata Hai, Ek Mutthi Aasmaan,

Remember this hit number of 1973 Hindi film, Ek Muthi Aasman? It says everyone yearns for one fistful of sky. Everyone wants to press to his bosom one fistful of sky.

Well, 47 years later, this lyric is becoming literally true. With internet scramble for a fistful of cyber space today getting into frenzy, it is mad lurch for everyone to get a spot of cloud to express oneself and keep a foothold in the firmament. This is done through blog or web log which has become an alternative, perhaps superior to, conventional media of newspapers, radio and television.

Realising the importance of providing fellowmen a fistful of space is Today glow India has earned a young image with thousands of youths getting into it and buying a foothold free of charge. Who knows, tomorrow may prove too late.

Blogs' importance could be gauged from the fact that it is becoming not just a personal website to communicate with the world but a tool to get to the grassroots during election or for a campaign.

During the 2004 United States presidential election, Gov. Howard Dean was the first presidential candidate to make very effective political use of a blog devoted to his campaigBloggers from all across America flocked to his blog site, making comments, volunteering to help with his campaign, contributing money to his cause.

Dean surprised himself and all his political opponents by raising over 50 million dollars and becoming the Democratic front runner until the primary elections were held.

Personal blogs and community blogs are equally becoming a major source of news for the conventional media. Not a day passes without some or the other media quoting a prominent or controversial person from his or her social website blog. It is found that 98% of journalists go online daily (Sources: Middleberg / Ross Survey and Pew Internet and American Life Project).

This apart, since blogs are normally publicly available web sites, some people can simply read them without contributing any thoughts or materials of their own. These are called "lurkers," and they often outnumber the active "bloggers" who contribute to the blogsite.

Glow India, the darling child of one Tec brain, One hundred dollars, five hundred megabytes web-space and one Compaq (Presario C700) Laptop in the closet., he began a venture to get his fellow beings a spot in the cloud, and did he succeed! Right now has total number of employees 45 , total number of Pcs 122, total number of blogs hosted 4000, total monthly visitor over 30,000 and also have branches in all major cities of India like Ahmedabad, Bangalore ,Chandigrah, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Sirsa and many more.

"A blog that even my grand father should be able to use easily" is his famous words and he proved that. Be a part of the growing family of glow India and get a muthi aasman for yourself. provides Free Blog , an easy way to build a blog that's as unique as you. it's the place to inform make free blog the world about your business, passions or hobbies and engage others to share their unique ideas, information, photos and videos to using our top blogger site, blog with social network free online blog and more

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