Ground Beef Lasagna

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Ground Beef Lasagna

About 4-6 portions.

Ingredients You'll Need:

500 g of lasagna sheets
150 g of parmesan cheese
300 g of mozzarella cheese

Meat sauce:
3 tablespoons of olive oil
400 g of minced beef
1 stalk of celery
2 leaves of bay
1 carrot
1 tomato
400 g of canned tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
2 tablespoons of red wine
1 teaspoon of sugar
black pepper

Bechamel Sauce (White Sauce):
80 g of butter
1 liter of milk
1 dl of wheatflour
white pepper

For the meat sauce, first thing you will need to do is to heat the olive oil. Then add minced beef and cook lightly. Now add chopped onion, garlic and celery. Continue cooking. After that add bay leaves, chopped carrot and tomato, stir and simmer. Add the canned tomatoes and red wine. Season the dish with sugar, salt, black pepper and nutmeg. Stew for about 50 minutes and stir every now and then. At last add basil and butter.

Bechamel Sauce:

First melt the butter. Add the wheatflour and salt, white pepper and nutmeg. Stir well. Pour 1/3 of hot milk and stir well and so the mixture would be smooth. Add another 1/3 and then then the last. Carry on simmering until the sauce thickens and the remove from the heat.

Boil water with salt and cook the sheets of lasagna for about 5 minutes. Lay them seperately to dry

Butter the baking dish and add 1 layer of lasagna sheets. Add bechamel sauce and then meat sauce, sprinkle with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Repeat the actions til out of sauce. Last layer cover the lasagna sheets with bechamel sauce and sprinkle parmesan and mozzarella cheese on top. Cook the lasagna at 175-180 degrees for about 20 minutes until golden.

Bon appetite!

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