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Our Story
Greener Step was founded in 2010 to design, manufacture and bring to market everyday products that are better for our planet. We have always been very conscious about the ecological impact that our choices have on our planet and on how dependent our daily lives are on stuff that is not so good for the environment. But we firmly believe that if we switched to better designed and more responsible products slowly we can put a little less stress on our planet. The Snap Toothbrush System is proof that through innovative design we can significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our landfills and oceans. Most importantly, our customers are able to smile with confidence knowing that they save money. Plus, being only "snap" away from a brand new brush is simply so convenient that you can eliminate any excuses for overusing your toothbrush.
Our Mission
• Design, manufacture and market innovative consumer products that are better for the environment
• Give customers greener and more economical choices without sacrificing quality and performance

• Reduce waste, Re-use materials, & encourage Recycling in everything we produce
Design & Performance
With the Snap toothbrush system we set out to design a "state of the art" manual toothbrush that can significantly reduce the amount of plastic we discard. We worked with Dentists & Hygienists to design a toothbrush that performs at the same level of the leading conventional toothbrushes in the market today. After extensive testing and improvements to the design we are confident that our customers will love brushing their teeth with their Snap toothbrush.

Our Guarantee
We are confident that the Snap toothbrush system will exceed the oral hygiene needs of our customers while respecting our planet. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the product for a full refund.

Getting The Word Out
Finally, for Greener Step to be successful we must compete against the industry giants in a smarter way. We must rely on simple word of mouth, and leverage sites like Facebook to create awareness that there are better alternatives out there. We know that you will love our products and we trust that you will help us spread the word.

Developing New Green Products
We are currently evaluating new all natural materials that can be effective substitutes to petrolium based plastics. Our goal is to develop toothbrushes and other every day products made from natural & biodegradable fibers. In the future, we hope we could give our customers more options for further reducing our dependence on non-biodegradable plastics.

Recycling Program
We would like to encourage our customers to help us recycle the worn out brush heads while continuing to reuse the handle. As an incentive we will provide a discount from your next purchase every time you send back the worn brush heads. So don't forget to check out our Recycling Program for more details.

Giving Back to the Planet
A portion of Greener Step™ profits supports environmental cleanup efforts across the planet. Every year we donate 10% of profits and are proud members of 1% For The Planet.

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