Green Life Style A Basic Aspect Of Future

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In the current world of fast food and speedy life we find it difficult to understand the biological movement and use of nature friendly items for our daily use.

The items we are using, its chemical contents, its effects on the future generation are all glaring in our face like grim realities. Factually, changing this attitude is as easy as changing from our daily life the use of the bleach with a environmental alternative product which has the same effect as that of bleach.

When we make a decision to bring a positive change for an eco friendly earth, we have to do a few harmless things. First of all let us construct a list of 10 items of our daily use like toilet soap, dish soap, bleach or shampoo with its chemical contents, and against each items also write down the nature friendly alternatives. This particularly small exercise will totally convince you that so far how much damage you have left behind for the earth.

In the same manner just evaluate the use of electricity as to how it is being drained out. You may be using an outdated washing machine or your electric stove is kept idle for hours to come. Whether you were precise about insisting on a certificate of energy-star to guarantee the lower consumption of electricity? Lots of power generation companies offer incentives for such purchases.

There are umpteen numbers of avenues for eco friendly life style. If you are from tropical countries you can harness the sun rays for electricity at the luxury of your home. The electricity you generate from solar panels will be replacing the electricity received from the generating units which is as good as sending back the power to the power grid. The solar panels are at the roof of your accommodation and thereby safeguarding the earth further as the space is taken by the foundation of your home.

Be little more artistic with fresh thinking there are still ways to become a person of natural environment. You have to bear in mind about adopting a couple of pets provided you have the resources and strength of mind for it.

Though it appears a bit strange, we have to understand that such stray and wild animals can cause critical damage to the fragile eco system by multiplying themselves. We are aware of the NGOs who are engaged in the purification of the water ways throughout the world, in the same way we may take into account the NGOs who are dealing with the stray animal menace.

There are lot of opportunities to show that we are nature friendly and our aim is to imagine a pollution free and eco friendly earth.

Andre Monsantier
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