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No, not with envy. Let the onlookers do that when they see your green laser pointers. These lasers have 532nm green laser wavelength. They are generally used for pointing at star constellations. The green laser light works with the help of Diode Pumped Solid State Frequency Doubled (DPSSFD) laser technology. In this process they use a high power IR laser diode at 808 nm. This is used to pump a very small block of Nd: YVO4 which generates light source at 1,064 nm. This in turn provides a KTP intracavity frequency doublers crystal. This process helps to produce the green beam at 532 nm.


*Output power is < 5mW.
*They are even visible at a range of 2,600 m in the darkness.
*They have a momentary push button.
*They have a constant wave output.
*They can also be used for sky pointing, signaling, and highlighting some potential explosives.
*Green laser pointers come with a warranty of 90 days.
*They are available in silver or black color.
*Some green lasers function in quasi-continuous wave mode to reduce cooling problems and prolong the life of the battery.

This useful gadget can be used for professional presentations, for bird watching, for tour guides, by construction engineers and workers to point out points of interest on a project, for camping, and hiking. What is more, they do not dig a hole in the pocket. You can find cheap green laser pointers for as low as $39.95.

Green laser pointers have a unique zoom lens. They can enlarge or shrink the laser luminous spot. Some of the green pointers come with a keychain which makes it easy to carry around. This can be an ideal gift for family and friends.

Red Vs. Green

Green has certainly spelt danger for red as the green laser is much superior to the red laser in terms of quality.

1.One of the starkest differences between the two is beam visibility. The green laser pointers are much brighter than the red ones and obviously much noticeable.
2.Laser pointers (green) are totally visible in mid-air in dark conditions unlike the red laser pointers which just have a visibility in the form of a beam dot in the dark.

3.The green lasers can be seen at much greater distances than its red counterpart.
4.Another difference stems from the complexity of their construction. A red laser consists of a circuit board, red laser diode, and a focusing lens. However, green lasers function based on an infrared (808nm) diode which is used with a combination of special crystals and a filter.

Green laser pointers UK lets you choose from among 60 different types of lasers which you can get delivered for free. However, there are certain restrictions under the Health and safety legislation for a general public presentation use type laser. The requirements include less than one mill watt (MW) of power and a 'momentary switch'.

A word of caution for users of green laser pointers- using these powerful users to point at an aero plane may put you behind bars. Also, this product should not be used when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees or goes below 15 degrees. So, use them wisely.

green laser pointers are designed to perfection with some classic features to suit your needs. To know more about the laser pointers, visit the above link.

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