Green Initiatives in Business: The Green Business Model of Darwyn Williams

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These days it seems like everyone is looking for some certainty. Especially with the uncertain job security in a number of industries, this leads to many looking for a business opportunity that’s a sure bet. At the same time, every business is dealing with the effects of a global recession that make it harder and harder to save money and keep their bottom line as small as possible. When it comes to times like this, the inevitable facts of life seem to become all the more apparent, and we’re reminded that we can always count on a few things: death and taxes. But! One thing many don’t realize is that we can always count on waste and trash as well.

Before thinking to yourself, “How is that a good thing?” consider this: more often than not, businesses everywhere spend money every month on areas that they simply can’t avoid such as power, heating, labor, and waste management. However, they can save much more than they ever realized (without any downside) by cutting costs in one key area, their trash. But all they need to know is how.

Did you know that by recycling just one aluminum can, you can save enough energy to keep a light bulb (100 watts) burning or a television running for three hours. On another level, have you ever considered how expensive it is to dispose of large, bulky, industrial materials? By recycling them through a number of means instead, businesses can save a significant amount of money.

Over the past 16 years, a unique green business opportunity has come to prominence that helps businesses with a feasible solution to cost cutting through more effective business waste consulting, recycling, and material exchange programs. In this business opportunity, entrepreneurs earn half of what businesses save due to their waste consultation that costs nothing out of pocket– leaving the
entrepreneur, the business and the environment better off in the end.
Across the country, aspiring entrepreneurs have used this business model to not only make a living but to simultaneously make an impact on the environment by enabling businesses in their community to become greener.

Have you ever thought about how much trash each business pumps into our communities? Think for a moment how much trash your household alone creates, and then multiply it. In every industry, waste is inevitable – and with the sheer amount of it that is created every day, it is also inevitably expensive.

It’s often easy to forget that the seemingly insignificant bit of waste created by a business contributes to a larger, more expensive to manage, and more environmentally un-friendly whole. At the same time, the unfortunate norm is that businesses simply accept the high cost of waste management, but this doesn’t have to be the case, and it is where waste consulting business opportunities come in.

The rapidly growing waste consulting industry has helped businesses across the country save millions of dollars while going green in the process, relieving their bottom line so they can be more profitable by spending money on more employees and new projects instead of expensive waste management. So next time you see a business dumpster and think nothing of it, look again. Could the trash in that dumpster eventually be much more than trash?

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Occupation: Green Business Entrepreneur
Darwyn Williams is a entrepreneur from Louisiana who pioneered the waste consulting industry. For 16 years, he has been focused on improving the way businesses deal with their waste streams, working to make recycling more profitable and businesses more green. Recently, he has written extensively about the impact independent entrepreneurs in a green business opportunity can succeed while making a difference. His business website can be found at Environmental Waste Solutions and his blog can be found at

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