Green Cement Absorbing Carbon Dioxide In The Works

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It seems that "Going Green" still manages to catch the attention of investors. A company in the UK that is developing a "green" cement has managed to raise around a million pounds (around US$1.7 million) to develop a special kind of cement that can actually absorb carbon dioxide emissions rather than being a contributor. Novacem, a start up company is tapping into a new technology that will aim to develop a type of environment friendly cement that would help reduce the cement industry's large carbon footprint. Conventional Portland cement production stands at more than 2.5 billion tons yearly and is the primary material used in construction. Although this type of cement is quite a valuable material used to develop man made structures, it also is responsible for around about 5 percent of the carbon emissions worldwide. It is even more than what the airline industry emits annually.

Novacem believes that its special type of carbon negative cement can help reduce the carbon dioxide problem in the environment because it absorbs more carbon dioxide that it emits during its lifecycle. The main feature of the technology that Novacem uses lays on the type of material it uses to create the special type of cement. Instead of using calcium carbonate or limestone as a primary material for making cement, Novacem is eyeing the use of magnesium silicates instead which does not emit any CO2 during the manufacturing process. It even absorbs carbon dioxide as it ages. This makes magnesium silicate quite an attractive material to serve as an alternative to limestone.

Novacem says that cash infusion for the start up business would be coming from Imperial Innovations, the London Technology Fund and the Royal Society Enterprise Fund. The capital provided would help fund the pilot plant set to develop and make the new type of special cement and would be operating around 2011. The company estimates that if the project succeeds, every ton of Portland cement that it replaces would save around 3/4 tons of CO2. This will help reduce the cement industry's role as a big contributor of greenhouse gases in the environment.

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