Great Weekends even with Kids

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Sleeping late during Saturdays probably belongs to the past if you have recently experienced the thrills of parenthood. Friends' visits are not anymore possible just after a phone-call and the latest movie or new cultural exhibit are not things you can now enjoy at the moment you thought about them. In addition, accepting a last minute party invitation or winding down with a long, leisurely brunch on Sunday after shopping is an activity you no longer have the pleasure of enjoying. These examples constitute some of the sacrifices you have to make since you have decided to become a parent, but the pleasure and feeling of accomplishment associated with the fact that you now have a child cannot be diminished because you have to adapt to the new circumstances and altering your weekend activities. Even if you may never get back that sleeping-in part, and staying late at your friends' birthday party, new opportunities are now revealed and you can explore them with your new family members; your kids.

Family weekends can be as noteworthy as those from your pre-kid days if you decide to invest some time to do a little bit of planning. In fact, a good weekend is distinguished from a bad one, if you know what you and your kids are going to do and arranging beforehand the kids' time and your schedule to find the free time you can both enjoy each others company. Parents that have decided to do the necessary planning state that the whole family has something to look forward to and discuss long after its completion. Traveling through the country side, purchasing tickets to go to the theater, visiting the local museums and landmarks, or taking a day trip to another town or neighborhood, are some of the fun ways you can alter your usual weekend time and invest some time to get to know each other instead of letting your kids play video-games or watch TV all day long.

On the other hand, it is best if you do not prearrange every minute of the weekend. Over-scheduling your weekend can make you feel exhausted instead of relaxed on Monday morning. Thus, even if you decide to do nothing out of the ordinary and just hang out in your pajamas with the kids on a weekend morning can be a valuable relaxation and bonding time. Unplug the TV, have a nutritional breakfast, teach your kids to read the news and laugh while playing board games of by reading comic stories and dressing up pretending to be a famous signer or actor.

Finally, you should not forget to schedule an adult activity over the weekend for you and your adult partner so as to receive the necessary dosage of socializing. Arrange to go out with friends if your parents or a babysitter can take care of the kids while you are away and always try to organize small but fun moments for you and your beloved ones when you feel the need of spending some quality time with your husband or wife. Having kids does not have to throw weekend fun out the door. Becoming a parent can actually open up the window to new possibilities and help you invest in yourself and the people you love the most.

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