Great Supplements for Radiant Skin and Hair

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Did you know that your hair ages right along with your skin? I'm not talking about the inevitable gray that people get as they grow older; I'm talking about the lackluster, stringy locks that tend to lose shine, body and vitality as we age. Why do you think this is? For the same reason that we lose vitality in our skin and our bodies as a whole!

Aging robs us of many nutrients, as the body's chemistry changes with time. One way to reclaim our youth is to put those nutrients right back in. This is true not only with our body's organs, but with our hair and the biggest organ of all — our skin. Want to know the best supplements for beautiful skin and hair? Read on!

Biotin, a B-vitamin derivative is crucial to hair growth and skin care. It is sometimes known as Vitamin H, and is found naturally in foods such as egg yolks and nuts. Because it is water-soluble and can be quickly depleted by excessive consumption of processed foods and alcohol, it is a good idea to supplement with biotin even if you are not having skin and hair problems. Biotin has no side effects nor has it been found to be toxic at high levels.

If you have a serious or stubborn skin condition, such as eczema, it may be directly correlated to a low level of biotin. Cradle cap, which is often seen in infants but can be seen in adults as well, is a scalp condition in witch the scalp flakes away and is scaly and dry. Many people use a topical salve or oil, but the best way to treat this condition internally is with biotin.

Some people who want radiant hair use a B-5 vitamin in addition to biotin, as this combination seems to be especially effective. These B vitamins strengthen hair and nails from the inside out, and can be used to help prevent hair loss as well. While they can't re-grow hair that's already been lost, they can be used to help prevent further occurrence.

Horsetail is an herb that's rich in silica and has long been used for beautiful hair and skin. Silica is a form of silicon, but it is different than the "silicone" that you and I know. It is a natural element, found in the earth and in our own bodies. In fact, silica makes up much of our nails, hair, cartilage and bone. This is why it is so crucial to keep the levels of silicon in the body high. Your hair and skin truly depend on it!

Without proper levels of silica, your skin will be less supple and your hair will have the "aged" look that we discussed earlier. Like biotin, horsetail helps to strengthen both hair and nails so that they are less brittle and dry, and therefore less prone to breakage. While horsetail is usually taken in oral capsule form, some forms of silica supplements are available in liquid form. Either way, you can take horsetail or silica and rest assured that after a couple of months, you will see dramatic improvement in your hair and nails, and even your complexion.

Just make sure that whichever you choose to take, it is a good quality supplement that has high bioavailability. This means that it is readily used by your body. You can also up your intake of some foods like strawberries, cucumbers, lettuce, and asparagus for a healthy vegetable and fruit diet that contains a lot of usable silica. On the carb side, oats and rice are two particularly good sources of silica as well.

Not surprisingly, the omega-3 fats are also exceptionally good for your hair and skin. Again, treating skin and hair from the inside out is recommended by many great dermatologists and other doctors. You can hardly appear vibrant and healthy on the outside if you aren't supplementing your body with the nutritional elements that your body needs.

Everyone knows that omega-3 oils are found in fish, so a fish-heavy diet will definitely help to mitigate your skin conditions and help to beautify your hair. However, you can get the same effect with fish oil capsules and other omega-3 supplements, and without having to eat so much fish. If you want shiny and very lustrous hair, this is probably your most important supplement. As far as skin is concerned, expect to see a change in texture and less dryness and wrinkles. Even your cuticles will see a difference!

For a great start to better skin, nails and hair, add these three supplements to your diet and daily routine. Your beauty will start to shine through in no time.

Megan Hazel is a freelance writer and blogger who writes about health and fitness, often focusing on specific products such as discount supplements.

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