Great Opportunities For Talented Kids

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If you are a parent who is concerned your child may end up directionless and in trouble all of the time, there are ways to set them on the right path and help them focus on something that will occupy their free time. Ideally, your child will find an activity they enjoy a great deal and they have a special talent for. Sometimes, a child hears about a friend participating in something and they want to try it too. In other cases, they may see someone on television or in a book doing something that looks like a lot of fun. If your child has not been drawn to something on their own, you may want to suggest a few options to them and see what catches their attention. There is no sense in forcing your child to do something in which they have no interest, but if they learn about something and they express a desire to give it a shot, let them try it out and see what grows. One option is checking out a modeling agency. Modeling agencies give kids a chance to try out the profession and see if it is a good fit. For some, this turns into a long-time career that can be very profitable.

If your child has the looks to model, but also has a great personality and a lot of confidence, acting may be the right thing for them. Sometimes a child's personality is too big to be contained in print and acting gives them an opportunity to shine. A lot of communities feature children's theaters that allow kids to try theater performance. If this is not the case where you live, look into film acting and see if there are acting schools nearby.

Sometimes, acting requires a variety of talent and if your child can sing, they may be able to use that skill in their acting. However, if your child is musically inclined and their talent and passion is strictly geared toward singing or playing an instrument, encourage them to explore this talent. Most communities offer professional training of some sort so your child can learn from a talented adult. Natural talent needs to be cultivated, so if you sense your child may excel at something, turn to professionals to help them grow and succeed.

A lot of young children have a desire to enroll in dance class. It may turn out to be just an activity they enjoy with their friends for a few years, but other kids realize they love the activity and they stick with it for years to come. If your child is exceptionally talented at dance, their dance instructor will probably recognize this and speak with you about opportunities that are available. If the instructor has not approached you, but you think your child may be something special, you can always strike up an inquiry with the instructor.

Finally, look outside of the art community for opportunities for your kids. If your child is athletic, they may be able to pursue a career in sports. In addition to team sports, there are individual opportunities for athletic children like gymnastics and swimming that might enable your child a chance to compete on an elevated level.


Stewart Wrighter's daughter took acting lessons at a Seattle modeling agency.

He has a friend who hired several models from different Seattle modeling agencies.

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