Great Magician- Thy have Magic in the Nerves

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Magician is a paranormal person who has certain powers to do supernatural tricks. He is a practitioner of this art. He is an illusionist who creates illusions to astonish the audience. The sole motive of the magician is to entertain the audience with his supernatural feats. A true magician understands the need of its crowd and co-relates his magic with them. He has many tricks in his pockets but the right selection is the key of his success. He devotes his life in the advancement of magic.

He provides a friendly environment where his guest can enjoy the art and each other's company. A true magician promotes the art of magic through his dedication and by maintaining the highest ethical standards of his trade.

Great magician or the Magus is trained in various forms of magic skills like slight of hand (quick fingers), Major Arcana, Escapology, hypnotize, jugglery and illusionist. They are often called prestidigitators, conjurors, mentalists or escape artists. These are different forms of magic, which are used along with other forms of magic to create sensation in the crowd.

Magic is like blood in the bodies of the great magicians. Magic is like an essence in the great magician's life. Magician brings honors to their country by spreading this great scientific and technical art. They serve this great art by their dedication and their strong will to promote it in all parts of the world. From simple palming techniques to the adult magic every thing is possible for the great magician which seems impossible to everyone in the world. Yet their yearning towards magic doesn't stop they keep on doing innovations to strengthen their skills.

Great magician is the followers of psychology. They also use different techniques of psychology like face reading to treat some psychological cases. Sometimes the services of great magicians were taken by the nations for spying. They were called for reading the minds of the opposite nation's presidents or officials.

Magicians are the illusion performer; through syncretism of science they weave a mysterious act to mystify their audience. Their act makes the audience to gasp with astonishment and gives them mind boggling enjoyment.

Some branches of magic also dealt with necromancy and Black magic where the practice of attempting to communicate with the spirits of the dead is done in order to predict or influence the future. These practitioners create horror show to enthrall the young challengers who doesn't believe in magic. This type of witchcraft is not so popular, on the other hand light cheerful, colorful shows attract thousands of elegant audience to enjoy the everlasting joy.

Great magician serves for humanity. They try to serve the humanity thorough charity shows. The funds raised by such events are paid to serve the poor or needy. Sometimes they organize free show for tiny toddlers to bring them out of their study rooms so that they cherish their childhood. Tiny toddler's lives in fantasy, so these great magicians give those wings to fly higher in imagination. They bring smiles on the faces of the tiny tots.

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