Great Incentives and Environmental Reasons to Recycle Mobile Phones for Cash

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"Mobile phone recycling has become a little more mainstream during the start of 2010, as more awareness has been raised on this matter. Always a reason to recycle but even more for mobile phones."

It wouldn't surprise me if you never even knew apart from reading this article that you could even recycle your old mobile phone. It's estimated that of the 80 million plus mobiles in circulation in the UK that only 10% of them are actually being recycled. Considering how damaging the materials inside mobiles can be to the environment it's no wonder more still needs to be done to ensure everyone recycles their old phone where they can.

How to Recycle a Mobile Phone?

This process has now been simplified and there are many incentives for doing so as well. All you need to do is find a service that is right for you. You may already know of a site to use already. However going one better you would be wise to use a comparison site to compare the prices that all the phone recycling sites offer you for your mobile first. This will ensure you know what prices each offer first so you can get the most money.

Comparing the Differences

Aside from just getting the most money for your mobile by comparing prices it's good to cross compare the differences in these companies to see what payment methods they offer you because some try to out do others in this area and offer you exciting fast payment methods apart from just standard boring snail-mail slow Cheques or BACS bank transfer. Some offer PayPal and even Gift Vouchers at an additional amount of what ever the cash value is. This proves to be very beneficial to some people for places like Argos, Boots, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer's etc. And the latest way to pay you is by "SMS text code". An SMS code is sent to your current working mobile that you can take to your local Post Office® to redeem for cash. It's Post Office Mobile Phone Recycling and it's quite a convenient way to get paid considering they can send it to you the day they receive, check and approve your mobile.

The Absolute Benefits to Mobile Phone Recycling

The whole reason you're reading this article now is because of the damaging effect that not recycling mobile phones and their electrical counterparts are having on our environment. We've come a long way since we first started using mobile phones but we never considered the huge impact they would have or, I don't think, realized they would become such a problem as they have become. You see mobile phones contain some very toxic and harmful substances that can really damage the earths ground and water supply, for us, animals and plant wildlife for hundreds of years to come that can cost fortunes to clean up and repair properly. So that is why there are phone and gadget recycling sites set up under government license after pressure from environmental organizations. And here we are now. It's just hoped that it will all have a positive effect on our planet in the many years to come.

Good for the Planet and Good for You Too.

Yes it's good for the planet that part we have covered how and why. And it's good for you too because it means you can free up space in your home and get rid of your old mobile in a safe and environmentally friendly way. But of course because you can get cash for your mobile. Even broken phones can still be sold and recycled for cash. Some sites even offer up to 80% of the working value. And it's not just phones either. Many electrical items such as these, iPods, mp3 players, digital cameras, games consoles and more can be recycled and should be too for good reason as outlined here.

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