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There are some cell phones that are designed just for designing sake, and then there are those phones that are made as an endeavor to change the way the world looks at mobile phone designing. Of course, there have been several phones like these, and Motorola has several coming out from their stable in the past few years. One of the most unique designs that the company brought forward was the MING. The Motorola MING is one of their many phones which have four-letter in their branding, popularly known as the four-letter Motorola phones. The MING is still considered to be one of the better mobile phones available in its price range, and is still not available in some regions of the world. Here is what puts the MING apart from the other phones.

Pull and Push Back Mechanism Cover:

Ever seen those spacecrafts in movies which have that pull and pushback glass? Well, with the MING, you can get a basic idea of how cool that would feel to the owner of the spaceship. This phone is the first to have such a mechanism cover, something that will surely be a head turner where you are! Oh, and I forgot to tell you that the cover is transparent, so you can see the screen even without opening the screen, in case you thought that it would be clumsy.

Business Card Feature:

Strangely, not many phones support the business card feature. Therefore, it is a painstaking effort on the user's side to send an SMS or something to a person with whom they are trying to network. In fact, it would seem that there is only one mobile phone manufacturer that offers this feature. However, the Motorola MING supports the business card feature, which makes it one of the smartest smart phones.

Macro Capability Camera:

The MING comes with a 2 MP camera, and has a special Macro capability camera, which allows you to take crisp and clear close up pictures. This feature is quite different from the typical zoom functionality in the other cell phones, simply because the Macro capability allows the user to keep the sharpness and basic quality of the photograph intact.

Other than these features, the MING also supports various features like full Real Player support, a full screen 2.4 display and full screen video support. This is one phone that you must buy!

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