Govn. is trying to take even MORE of your money!

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How hard is it for someone to find you?
Maybe it was an old debt from a divorce, or an overlooked credit card bill from college, or, perhaps it was someone else pretending to be you, but somehow there you are, dealing with a hard nosed bill collector that isn't interested in anything but the old account they bought from someone, in the hopes you will just pay up… instead of disputing their records. THOSE people are coming out of the woodwork, with the economy the way it is, EVERYONE is looking under all the rocks and behind all the doors looking for ways to make up what they think is lost income.

This might not be earth shattering news, but so is your friendly state government. Some state governments are looking to take money that belongs to people like yourself.
The $25 billion trust funds the states run that holds money owed to people like you is becoming a new source of income for the states that are supposed to return it to the people who it really belongs to, BUT, it looks like they might keep it.

When someone moves and forgets to close their bank account or to request a refund on a utility deposit or maybe forgot the address change for the tax refund, what ever the reason, the un-refundable money goes into a state government run trust that sits around waiting for the rightful owner to claim it. But, it looks as if instead of actually LOOKING for you, (like the bottom feeding collection agency that hope you pay up instead of disputing their assertion that you owe them,) the governments are simply changing the rules. Instead of even a weak attempt to locate the owners, they are going to SPEND it. Everything from old dormant bank accounts to unused gift cards to even old pension funds from defunct businesses or even perhaps your share of a class action lawsuit from the way your retirement account was mis-handled, is sitting somewhere waiting for one of two things to happen. One, you to get it back, or two, your state legislature will spend it on maybe one of those orange barrels they put up on the highway to make you late for work. That redefines the phrase, "rubbing salt into a wound."

Arkansas, Iowa and Indiana have already passed laws allowing the money to be transferred from the "Unclaimed Trust Fund," into their general fund accounts. Talk about stealing, the governments are spending money that might belong to you without even letting you know about it. AND, as we all have seen, if past behavior is any indication, when one state says it is okay to steal, all the other 49 states are sure to follow.
Does any of this belong to you? How many times have you moved? How many times have you changed banks but left money in an account just in case there are any checks you wrote that haven't cleared? Maybe the phone company made you put up a deposit when you got your first phone number. There are several reasons the money ends up in the states trust fund account, there is only one way to get it back to the correct owner. That is to claim it BEFORE your state finds what they consider a better use for it. Search the national database for free. See if your name is on the list @

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