Government Takeover: They Want Your Money

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The Liberals' Agenda Depends On High Tax Rates

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

The politicians in Washington can always find something to fight about. As I predicted a couple months ago, their favorite battleground during this "lame duck" session of the outgoing liberal Congress is the possible extension of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. And, as I also predicted, the liberals are digging in their heels in refusing to give any tax breaks to "the rich." They'll extend tax breaks for the middle class, but not for anyone they consider "wealthy."

Why? They want your money.

You're not wealthy, you say? You make less than $250,000 per year? It doesn't matter... if ALL of the tax breaks aren't extended (or made permanent), you will still suffer from the liberals' destructive tax-and-spend agenda.

Let me clarify the liberals' intentions. It's not that they want money. They don't, generally. They can borrow, print, or electronically "create" as much money as they want. That's what the whole "quantitative easing" thing has been about. No, they don't just want any money. They want YOUR money.

Here's another way to look at it: it's not that they necessarily want the government to have your money; it's more that they don't want YOU to have it. They want you to feel miserable and needy, and ready to vote for any candidate and proposal that promises to "take care" of you. They need you to be unemployed, depending on the government for welfare and food stamps. They need you to be a victim.

And that's why they insist upon milking as much money as they can from the "wealthy," also known as the small business owners and entrepreneurs who could possibly create jobs and give people a chance to realize true opportunities. They'll extend the "middle class" tax cuts because that will disguise their true intentions, and make you like them, and (they hope) make you vote for them. But they'll soak the rich. Eventually the misery will trickle down to you... and if you don't believe that, well, enjoy the holidays while you can.

If the government really wanted to bring tons of revenue into the federal coffers, they'd slash the income tax to a low rate of about 12 percent for everyone. Yes, even the rich. The downside of this would be that thousands of IRS agents, tax accountants, tax attorneys, and corporate consultants would be out of work. However, we would probably shed fewer tears for those folks as they begin to pick up great jobs advising real companies on how to do real business. With a flat 12 percent income tax, the U.S. would see a flood of investment money pouring into the country. Businesses would start and grow, people would get back to work, and literally millions of new taxpayers would join the rolls. The federal government would suddenly be awash with money they didn't have to print or create out of thin air.

But they don't want to do that. See, they don't really want higher tax revenue. They want higher tax RATES. The difference is that, with higher revenue comes higher economic freedom and lower control of the citizenry by the nanny state; with higher rates comes higher control, and greater and more widespread victimhood.

The fact that this Keynesian economic model has never worked, and has always led to totalitarian regimes and general evil, does not deter today's liberal leaders. They either think they can do what's been done before and get a different result (the definition of insanity), or, bless their hearts, they're too foolish to have learned anything from the collectivist adventures in the world's recent history.

This is what's coming. Do what you can to eject yourself from this system now, before it crashes. Get out from under dependence on anyone by creating your own income - you can start a business with greater ease now than at any other time in history. Get healthy enough to endure the hardships on the horizon. And get smart about the global economy. The more you learn, the more prepared you can be.

Don't be scared. Be ready.

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