Gormiti The Creative Building Toy

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We all love to give our children the toys they like and that will keep them entertained for hours. These toys are hard to find if you are wanting something other than video games. I have found my boys love to play with the Gormiti action figures. The love to make up battles and they stay busy for hours. Every time they finish one battle they quickly come up with another to start again. There are many different action figures to choose from and each has a brief summary of the action figures story. This helps my boys decided who will play what part.
These toys bring out the imagination in my boys that I like to see. It encourages them to be creative and come up with their own story for the battle. Best of all they do not have the outside influence from commercials or other programs we prefer them not to watch. Gormiti toys are great and I will continue to purchase them for my children as long as they want. They are not very expensive and the quality is great. They have a variety of starter pack as well as individual figure to choose from.

Gormiti has created a story line to go with the actions figures that capture the boys attentions quickly and keeps then wanting to know more. They love to pretend they are on the island and are determined to bring peace again. It is fun to watch the play and not get bored so quickly for a change. It is amazing to know that there are still non electronic toys out on the market today that keep the children engaged for such a long time. They do not get bored as quickly and always look forward to trying something new.
Over all I do recommend Gormiti toys to any parent that has boys. They give the children a baseline for each action figure and they get to be creative from that point on. They get to do some role play in the process and come up with different outcomes for the battles they start. Its a great way to build your child's imagination in a safe environment. Encouraging creativity is a big must for me when I buy toys and these do just that. These toys are one of my favorite toys for my boys to play with and I encourage others parents to do the same.

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