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(WILLINGBORO, NJ) - Councilman Ken Gordon today became the first local elected official to announce a self-imposed 50% pay cut, carrying through on a campaign promise he made during last year ‟s campaign.Councilman Gordon also announced he will dedicat e the portion of his salary that he is foregoing to a community reinvestment fund - which he has established - to support local community-based organizations.

Willingboro Township ‟s Mayor and Council earn the highest salaries - approximately $15,000 per year

- among elected officials in Burlington County.

" This self-imposed pay cut reflects my unwavering commitment to my community, to my values, and

to a whole new brand of leadership for Willingboro," said Councilman Gordon. "In the spring,thiswas a promise I made; today, it is a promise I have delivered ."

"Taxpayers are tired of politicians who say one thing to get their vote and another after they have gotten it ," said Gordon . "Taxpayers are tired of politicians who talk big and deliver small. To those taxpayers I say: „Y ou have a forceful advocate who will listen at every turn and fight for you every day of the week ‟. I want to be the voice of the people and in today ‟s economic conditions the people are saying they are not okay with high salaries. They want elected officials to tighten our belts and do more with less,just like they are expected to do in their own homes." has established a community reinvestment fund to distribute the portion of his salary that he is forgoing to support local community-based organizations throughout the year. To date, Gordon has already made one contribution to an exciting, new community endeavor. He is also planning to contribute to the Willingboro Clergy Association, the Willingboro Rotary Club, the Willingboro Neighborhood Watch and the local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.


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