GOP Tea Party Suck and Blow Reduce Deficit by Cutting Taxes

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George H W Bush said “Read my lips, no new taxes.” When George H W Bush then raised taxes he was shown the door. This was a lesson not lost on his son George W Bush. George W Bush realized that cutting taxes was the road to political victory no matter what the consequences on the people.

George W Bush entered office with the Clinton Surplus. George W Bush then cut taxes and raised the deficit to trillions of dollars. It takes Michael Jackson weeks to make that kind of money. George W Bush also embarked on two losing wars that also raised the deficit by trillions of dollars. George W Bush almost made it to the finish line unscathed but a funny thing happened on his way out the door. The economy collapsed.

The George W Bush tax cuts and 2 losing wars, which we could have won in an hour if we had not fought with our hands tied behind our backs, brought US so close to a great depression that George W Bush threatened Congress that if they did not bail out the big banks immediately he was going to declare martial law in the United States of America. We were an Ines Sainz hair away from fascism in the United States of America thanks to the Bush tax cuts.

Right now Lindsay Lohan is going cold turkey at the Betty Ford Center from alcohol and cocaine and is extremely depressed. Lindsay Lohan is complaining that rehab is interfering with her film and clothing designer career. Lindsay, what effect will a long stay in jail or a drug overdose death have on your career? If Michael Jackson is any indication it could be a Pa Cartwright bonanza.

Ali Lohan is a modern day Jane Russell lookalike. Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to play Linda Lovelace in the upcoming film ‘Inferno.’ John McCain and Sarah Palin threatened to nuke Russia over Russia’s tiny internal dispute with their former provinces in Georgia. This would have resulted in MAD, mutually assured destruction, a world wide nuclear inferno.

John McCain admitted that he knew very little about economics. On the day the US economy collapsed John McCain had said “The fundamentals of the economy are sound.” As George Bush declared martial law and we were all being transported to concentration camps in trucks and trains the truck and train audio speakers looped John McCain and Sarah Palin saying “The fundamentals of the economy are sound; offshore drilling is environmentally safe and friendly, Drill Baby Drill.”

In the movie Deep Throat Linda Lovelace taught American women how to suppress their gag reflex. How are we supposed to suppress our gag reflex when we hear the GOP Tea Party candidates repeatedly say that they plan on cutting our deficit by cutting taxes? This is like campaigning to change 1 + 1 to 3.

The GOP Tea Party are winning because the American people do not know what a deficit is. For the GOP Tea Party to say that they will cut the deficit by cutting taxes is to suck and blow at the same time. Even Lindsay Lohan can’t do it without Avatar special effects in the land of make believe 1 + 1 = 3. Thanks to James Cameron in ‘Inferno’ Lindsay Lohan plays the flute flawlessly while performing fellatio.

This is why President Obama said that the GOP Tea Party is selling the American people snake oil. What would the unemployment rate have been if President Obama had not saved us from an economy worse than the Great Depression? The new GOP Tea Party head of energy Joe Barton apologised to Tony Hayward for asking him to pay for the oil spill mess caused by BP and Dick Cheney’s Halliburton.

Joe Barton called Barack Obama an Al Capone shakedown artist for having the audacity to ask BP to help pay for the Gulf oil volcano clean up. Joe Barton now says that he was the Tea Party before the Tea Party was cool. When the next oil spill happens Joe Barton and the GOP Tea Party have already prepared their apologies to BP.

What is a deficit? A deficit is when you earn $100 a month and spend $500. Your deficit is $400. You get the $400 by borrowing it. There are only two ways out of this problem: 1) you can earn more money; a Government does this by raising taxes; if the Governement cuts taxes they earn less money and the deficit goes up. 2) you can spend less money; you can go without certain things, make sacrifices, to get your financial house in order. The issue of deficits is that simple.

The GOP Tea Party is promising to reduce the deficit by cutting taxes. Their strategy is 1 + 1 is 100. This is the George W Bush policy that brought us to the brink of a fascist dictatorship led by George W Bush in the United States of America. Now we have Tea Party candidates dressing up in their finest Nazi garb, Tea Party candidates hiring their own security guards to handcuff reporters, and publicly stomping on women’s heads. The Nazis are at the door. “Come in Adolf, so nice to see you.”

The GOP Tea Party is promising to cut government spending. Sarah Palin lobbied for and campaigned for the Bridge to Nowhere, a multi hundred million dollar bridge in Alaska to an island with 82 residents. Sharron Angle refuses to speak to reporters because she and the other GOP Tea Party candidates are on record promising to eliminate social security, medicare and education. This is a good idea unless you are an old person, a sick person or a student. Without education we can all be Sharron Angles. Thank God for President Obama’s veto corleone pen, which will be the only thing standing between us and a GOP Tea Party economic collapse and fascist dictatorship led by Rich Iott.

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