Google's Nexus One - An Overview

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The Google’s much appointed phone, Nexus One has lastly arrived. Google has some big thoughts with this one and is all set to compete with the mobile huge companies such as Apple and Motorola. Mobile phone lovers have their hands unfolded in anticipation for this new gadget but the issue is will Nexus One will be able to live up to its name and the buzz that it has created. If you have your mind set on this android phone, then the following fun facts about this phone will be pleasant and beneficial for you.

• The display of the Nexus One is quite large. Its OLED 800 X 480 and 3.5-inch display is bigger than the iPhone, which has a 480 x 320 pixel screen. Though, compared to the Droid with 3.7-inch and 480 X 854 pixels, TFT-LCD screen, the Nexus One display is much smaller, but yet, OLED screens are known to be much better and have brighter displays. So, a Nexus One is factually a much more colorful option.

• Google’s Nexus One with its 130 gram weight and 11.3 mm depth is rather light and thin compared to the other high-end phones. The iphone weighs 135 grams and has a 12.3 mm depth. If you are looking for something that can effortlessly fit into your skinny jeans, without making a hole in it, then this is going to be just right for you.

• It is pretty fast as well. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz processor is the cause for it being faster than the Motorola’s Droid and the Apple’s iPhone with 550 and 600 MHz chips, respectively. The RAM size is even greater in Nexus One. Obviously, when you are looking for android phone, the speed is a vital feature, which would help you open all applications at a fast pace; the Nexus One does accurately the same for you. The phone also comes with a proximity sensor, digital compass, accelerometer and a light sensor. Its microSD slot has a 4GB memory card that is able to be expanded to 32 GB. It even supports a WiFi connection a GSM radio.

• Its 5 Mega pixel camera with LED flash and 2X digital zoom is much better than the iPhone or Droid’s camera. The picture with this phone is very clear and detailed. The gallery has also become incredibly user-friendly and as a result photo-viewing has become easier.

• In terms of design it is like any other android phone with a fashionable rectangular look. Its wide screen makes it look even better than its competitors. It is made out of good quality tough plastic and is quite enduring. The front face of the phone also has a track ball, which basically lights up to inform you about a new mail or msg.

• Its on-screen keyboard is great. You are able to type in both portrait and landscape modes. It even supports a large number of languages such as U.S. English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.

• The Nexus One is using the most recent 2.1 Android software. It is certainly very advantageous. The typing system is now voice-enabled making it more stylish. Just with a tap you get access to live wallpapers. A Photo gallery, which is 3-D, is an evenly exciting feature that would attract you to get hold of this phone. It is in sync with your Picasa albums that will let you browse all your web albums quite easily. The number of home screens is 5 in this one in place of 3, which clearly makes the UI look much better. The Android 2.1 software can support as much as a whooping 18,000 applications or more and with a push button all the applications can be simply viewed by the user.

• The multi-touch feature in the Droid is omitted in the Nexus One. Although it has software, Android 2.1 that can support that feature but only Google knows why it chose not to take account of it in the Nexus. Possibly its upgraded version might include it. Its single touch feature is fine but sometimes even this feature requires multiple tapping.

• In terms of the earpiece and sound quality, the Nexus One is acceptably good but the conference loudspeaker is not well-built enough to support your calls with good clarity.

• In terms of battery life, it offers a talk time of about 10 hours in case of 2G and 7 hours for 3G phone. Its standby time is 290 hours for 2G and 250 for 3G. Obviously, in case of extended calls, the battery level dips but it works magnificently and does not show sudden battery drains or any such troubles.

Whether you choose to purchase this phone or not, the Google Nexus One is not going to push the Droid out of the market. With Motorola preparing to introduce the Android 2.1 software in Droid, it seems Nexus has strong competition to face in the near future. Although, one can absolutely buy it for its Google Maps, voice applications, faster speed and a sleek and sexy look to name a few. The Google Nexus One will become even better if it could let Google docs in the phone. The insertion of spreadsheets and word documents that could be edited will be extremely beneficial.

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