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Google’s chrome OS notebook, known as Chromebook , is slated to enter the market by the mid of June or July. The whole idea behind the Chromebook is woven around the principal keynote of “Nothing but the web”. The most frequently posed questions are- What exactly is chrome OS? What is the real life utility of the Google’s Chromebook? Google chrome is an operating system aimed at providing the user with an unabridged web experience which is free from the hassles posed by the PCs.
The prime objective behind the chrome OS is to make the web, the platform, so that it would work on any device supporting the browser. The Chromebooks are specifically designed and optimized exclusively for the web. It is fundamentally a computer that runs Google’s Chrome operating system.
The main philosophy is to make the user’s experience more of web centric and enriching. In some ways it is quite like the Apple’s I pad where in the hardware takes the back seat. Google is claiming that the Chromebook doesn’t need virus protection. It says that the operating system is flexible and easy to use and possess the self healing capabilities.

Samsung and Acer would offer the Google Chromebook with an inbuilt 2 G.B ram, 16 G.B SSD storage space. It is built around the Atom N 750 CPUs. The WI-FI enabled chromebooks, by Acer will come somewhere around $350. On the other hand Samsung’s WI-FI enabled chromebooks would come around $430.
Questions are been continuously posed on its low end hardware, on its overwhelming cost as compared to other notebooks and on its not been as a fascinating as an ipad. Answering on the topic of the specifications been slightly low, Google has reasoned that the web has more storage space than any other computer. The salient feature of a Chromebook is its cloud computing. Google’s operating system is the first commercially available consumer cloud centric operating system.
Other notable characteristic features of a Chromebook are-
• The Chromebook starts in only about 7 seconds.
• It dishes out all day long battery life.
• The user can access his stuff anywhere and everywhere.
• The user can access the applications, settings and even his documents using the Chrome browser

It is been believed that the learning curve of the Chrome operating system is easy. But then there is also the flip side of the coin. In a Chromebook the user is committed once he signs in. He/she cannot even play the media files in a Chromebook.
Some say that “The web is what you make out of it”. What remains to be seen is how people will react to the Google Chromebook. Let’s see whether the Chromebook is the next generation of computers or just a passing fad.

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