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Google Earth (Free)

REVIEW - "Google Earth Gives You a Fresh View on the World"

If you have ever wanted to feel like you're flying, the Google Earth iPhone app can provide just a slice of that feeling.

This app is for people who enjoy playing with Google Earth online, but this is kicked up a notch. You can swipe your finger across the screen and feel as if you're soaring above earth to your next destination.

Heading to a party at someone's house and wondering where it is and whether or not there's a pool? Type in the address and double tap the screen to get a close up view of the house and environs. Interested in seeing what the terrain of Africa looks like? Type Africa into the search bar and watch as you first pan out onto a big view of the globe and then back into a focused view of Africa.

When Google Earth is in the globe view, you can use your finger to spin the globe, and then randomly tap onto an area to zero in on the terrain. Double tap again and you'll get even more up close and personal. I ended up in the Congo. With people staying closer to home these days, Google Earth gives you an inexpensive way to explore the world without leaving your couch or office chair.

Tilt your iPhone to see the edges of the earth or the rocky terrain wherever you're exploring. Finally, use the geo-located Wikipedia articles to tell you more about what you're seeing.

There are many ways in which you could find Google Earth useful. Beyond the entertaining, it could be useful in a number of ways, including helping you discover new areas you might want to visit, or to help you learn more about the world. It can also help you see your home part of this larger place. Seeing your hometown as it's viewed on Earth's radar is an eye-opening experience.

- Deb M.
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