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Goodword Islamic Books has brought out a series of books for children as part of learning and writing Arabic. Arabic is the language of Islam and this Islamic book store has brought out a collection of books for teaching Islam through the Arabic language. The books come in red, green and blue.

These books are brought out with the idea that as the Quran was revealed in the Arabic language, it is necessary for all Muslims and others who deal with Islam to learn the Arabic language. The Quran has helped Arabic to survive and prevented it from going into disuse. Hence the teaching of Quran material has been deliberately introduced while teaching the Arabic alphabet.

There are 28 letters in Arabic. In written form the letters change their shape when they are written independently, at the beginning of the word, when they occur in the middle of a word and at the end as a final letter. A student of Arabic maybe thus called to write not only 28 but 84 different shapes and forms.

These writing books also adopt the approach that all Arabic letters are connected. Thus the letters are presented in independent form, the letter is presented in its different forms and letters are provided in examples derived from the Quran which include the letter connected with other letters in its different forms.

Teaching of Arabic through these books gives importance to repetition. Children are encouraged to return to drills frequently in the early months of their study of Arabic to clarify, reinforce and enhance their writing of the Arabic script. These books also stress pronouncing the sound along with practicing writing each letter.

The books for teaching the Arabic language make use of simple pictures. The creative instincts of children are also sought to be encouraged by providing letters that maybe filled up with colour.

Apart from simple reading of letters, joining letters with correct images is also encouraged. This encourages the creative instincts of students and would arouse their interest.

Along with these a set of 28 colourful flash cards have been published. These cards provide pictures together with the Arabic terms for them.

Throughout books and flash cards there is a constant comparison of pictures with words, which helps in the registering of concepts.

Another practice that is used is encircling proper letters below the images. This encourages critical thinking among students by making them look at matter in more depth.

Another of the books provides finished and dotted letters along with pictures. In this way there is a constant contrast between pictures and written words. This would make remembering sounds easier. At the same time handwriting can be formed by practicing on the dotted letters.

Through such ways these Arabic Islamic books create an interest in Arabic and Islam while at the same time also developing important writing and reading skills among children.

Goodword Islamic Books has published a collection of online arabic books. For more information about other Islamic Book visit Islamic Books Store.

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