Goodnight Stories from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad

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Goodnight Stories from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad by Saniyasnain Khan, published by Goodword Islamic books, contains a careful selection of twenty three stories from the life of Prophet Muhammad, told in an easy language.

These stories come with such interesting titles as Nursed in the Desert, Rebuilding Kabah, In the Cave of Hira, The Story of Faithful Khadijah, The First Converts, Prophet Teaches in Makkah, Some Believers go to Abyssinia, Umar accepts Islam and many more.

A story children will find particularly interesting in this Islamic book for children is the story of the night journey of Prophet Muhammad. In this story the Prophet is sleeping at night near the Kabah when he is awoken by the angel Jibril and told to mount the winged horse named Buraq. Prophet Muhammad then goes with Jibril to Jerusalem. There he prays at al-Aqsa mosque, which still stands today. He then goes up to heaven where he meets God and different angels. He is also shown a vision of Hell. Then the Prophet returns to Mecca. In the morning he tells the Quraysh tribe what happened but most of them believe he is lying. Only a person called Abu Bakr believes him. In this way we are shown that anything is possible for God. We also receive an insight into the unique life of the Prophet Muhammad.

In ‘The Prophet Leaves Makkah' the Prophet Muhammad evades the Quraysh tribe and escapes to Medina. The Quraysh attempt to kill Prophet Muhammad at night but the angel Jibril warns him. In the darkness of the night Prophet Muhammad goes to the house of his friend Abu Bakr. They do not go straight to Medina but first go to a nearby mountain. The Prophet and Abu Bakr stay in a cave where the Quraysh are unable to find them. Three days later they go off to Medina. In this way Prophet Muhammad is able to escape those who are pursuing him and continue to spread the word of God. We also learn thereby that the Prophet Muhammad has the blessings of God and cannot be captured by his enemies.

‘The Call to Prayer' talks of the importance of prayer in the lives of the followers of Prophet Muhammad. It stresses how those who are busy must also heed the call to prayer. Bilal is described as the first muezzin calling the faithful to prayer from different corners of the world.

‘The Change of Qibla' talks of how God instructed believers to bow in the direction of the Kabah while praying. In this way this Islamic book published by this Islamic book store talks of the importance of direction while facing to prayer. This story also talks of how the first simple mosque was made by Prophet Muhammad in an enclosure made of palm tree trunks with a roof of palm tree leaves. Thereby we are informed it is the intention to pray rather than the décor that was important to Prophet Muhammad in this first mosque.

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