Good quality cheap foundation is just as good

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The most noticeable part of your makeup is the face as this is the largest surface area you cover with cosmetics. However, despite being the largest area that needs covering, it is also the easiest area once you have carefully chosen your products. This is why skin foundation is so important to many people’s make up routines.

Foundations are used on your face to give your skin a more even tone, and to perfect any blemishes that you may have. When it comes to choosing a foundation it varies in price. You have the expensive range including high end brands, but you can also buy good quality cheap foundation brands that work just as well. When it comes to selecting foundation you need to pick a colour that matches your own skin tone and blends in well otherwise a visible line will be left on the jawline, neckline and hairline where the foundation hasn’t blended with your natural skin colour.

As foundation is the first step of your make up it acts like the base, therefore making all the other cosmetics you apply work to their best to enhance your best features. By wearing a foundation on your face, your skin becomes a blank canvas to which you apply the rest of your cosmetics. Not everyone chooses to wear foundation but wearing it creates a consistent colour and even tone.

Many different types of foundation are available in the cosmetics market. You don’t have to break your budget when buying your foundation as there are many good quality cheap foundations available that are effective. These following foundations are the most popular types of foundation available in the market:

• Liquid foundations
The cosmetics market has a huge range of liquid foundations as this is a popular choice amongst cosmetics buyers. The reason for this is because a liquid foundation covers blemishes, pores and fine lines very well and balances out uneven marks on your skin.

• Mousse foundation
The beauty of a mousse foundation is that you have more control when applying to your face. It is much easier to apply which means you can build it up gradually. Mousse foundations are good cheap foundation alternatives to high end liquid foundations. Mousse foundation cosmetics are suitable for all skin types but extremely good for people with dry skin.

• Illuminating foundation

This foundation is great for giving your skin a glow to it after you have applied foundation. Instead of the matte look you can get from just foundation, this gives your skin a fresh look about it and highlights certain aspects of your face such as your cheek bones and the nose.

• Tinted moisturisers
Foundation with a tint to it is good for skin that doesn’t necessarily need a lot of coverage due to the skin colour already being quite even. It is a good moisturiser for the skin and usually comes with a SPF already built in so perfect for wearing on your holidays. Tinted moisturisers are a good quality cheap foundation if you have a budget.

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